'The 100': Eliza Taylor On Clarke, Roan & Bellamy's Dangerous Road Trip In 'We Will Rise'

Raven needs Hydrazine to power the rocket she found in the last episode of "The 100," and three people are determined to get it to her.

But, in the words of King Roan in the "We Will Rise" trailer, "What could go wrong?" on Clarke, Roan and Bellamy's mission to get it to her.

"It is a great line. … So, a lot can go wrong and it's 'The 100,' and you can definitely rest assured that they're probably going to run into some trouble," Eliza Taylor, who plays Clarke, told AccessHollywood.com.

One problem they won't have is conflict amongst the group. Eliza suggested their mission won't be bogged down with them not seeing eye-to-eye-to-eye.

"It's kind of cool to see them all band together to complete this mission, so it's surprisingly smooth-ish sailing as far as just the three of them," she said. "Bellamy and Roan definitely don't see eye to eye, but they're just willing to get this thing done and work together."

But, Clarke, Roan and Bellamy will find other issues as they attempt to drive across land where clans are warring and which has more than a few real bumps in the road. Asked if the mission will involve defensive driving or fighting on the ground, Eliza said, "there's a bit of both."

And, while the leaders are away, Arkadia may be facing some issues.

"From memory, yeah, I think it goes a little crazy there," she said.

Still, those left behind have Monty, who has been stepping up more and more in recent episodes.

"Personally, I'm really enjoying watching him transform. I think it's cool," Eliza said of Monty (who is played by Christopher Larkin).

"The 100" airs Wednesday at 9/8c on The CW, after "Arrow." 

-- Jolie Lash

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