Access Exclusive: Shaun Robinson Meets Janet Jackson

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas (May 9, 2007) -- Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson traveled to Paradise Island in the Bahamas for the grand opening of the Cove Atlantis. On their stage, Janet Jackson will rock the house Friday night.

In our exclusive interview, Ms. Jackson revealed her plans to tour and some teasing she got from brother Michael during their childhood.

“It’s been about five years,” Janet said of the time lapse between her last concert.

So is she nervous?

“No! Not at all, excited,” she told Shaun.

And she should be. Janet can still rock her rhythm to the nation without missing a beat.
Shaun got a sneak peek at Janet’s big Friday night performance, but it left her wondering if it was a look at a new world tour.

“Doing this and prepping for this show has really gotten me thinking about doing a tour,” Janet told Shaun.

She certainly had her body conditioned to work it on the stage hours each night. Shaun had to ask which exercise is her favorite to get those notoriously rock-solid abs.

“No, I hate them all,” Janet revealed. “I’m being so honest with you and I know it sounds terrible.”

When she instructed Shaun on how to do a lower ab crunch, she saw just way Janet hates them.

“Lay back,” Janet instructed. “Put your hands under your butt. Throw your legs in the air. You’re just going to go straight up like this.”

Janet is tough and she might be able to thank her big brother Michael for that. Janet candidly revealed how as a kid he used to give her a workout in wicked words.

“What would he call you,” Shaun asked.

“Names,” Janet replied. “You don’t even want to know! They’re not very nice – slaughter hog, that’s not very nice. There I told you one, I’m not telling you any more.

“Did that give you a complex,” Shaun probed.

“Of course it did,” Janet laughed. “I’ve got issues.”

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