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Angelina Jolie’s “leg bombing” on the Oscar red carpet was the moment of the night at the Academy Awards – and it appears her outstretched leg will live on in infamy, thanks to Photoshopping fans, who are inserting the image into a plethora of pictures online.

Of course, Internet celebrity memes are nothing new – everyone from Angelina to Leo to Keanu and even Tina Fey’s daughter have had the honor of inspiring a user-generated photo trend. Now, in honor of Angelina’s new submission to the meme catalogue, offers our Top 5 Favorite Celebrity Memes!

Strutting Leo

Where it originated from: Leonardo DiCaprio was instantaneously dubbed “DiHapprio” when paparazzi shot his mid-air strut on the set of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception.” Internet-goers became obsessed by the star’s extra oomph as image parodies of the star flooded Tumblr and Facebook within the first week of its appearance. Dicaprio’s image is also seen in another variation of the meme dubbed “Sneaking Leo.” See Sneaking Leo here!

How it’s meme-d: DiCaprio’s catwalk is Photoshopped – in a very ‘Where’s Waldo’-esque search – in everything from intense movie scenes (“V for Vendetta” and “Tron”) to outlandish images of animals and babies.

Our favorite: DiCaprio skips down the yellow brick road in front of Emerald City in a screen shot of “The Wizard of Oz” See it here!


Swaggering Alice

Where it originated from: Tina Fey’s 6-year-old Alice became a parody classic when paparazzi shot a picture of the tiny tot next to her funny famous mom. Her unintentional shoulder-pop swag pose hit Reddit on April 12, 2011 and became an instant hit when Buzzfeed Photoshopped the little lady into a meme the next day.

How it’s meme-d: Alice’s swag is exploited in a variety of film stills, from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to “Desperado.” The toddler is often seen next to Strutting Leo. Catch a glimpse of the two in strutting action here!

Our favorite: Swaggering Alice struts her stuff with the sharp-dressed men of “Reservoir Dogs.” See it here!


Prancing Cera

Where it originated from: Film director Edgar Wright posted the awkward gazelle-like leap from Michael Cera on his Flickr while promoting his film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” The image gained parody fame within the first two hours of its release on August 22, 2010, first by Flickr commenters then fan-created meme generators over Tumblr. Prancing Cera’s own knock-offs include Natalie Portman’s fiancée Benjamin Millepied posing for an Yves Saint Laurent ad in the meme “Dancing Millepied.”

How it’s meme-d: Fans have recreated Prancing Cera into a text-based meme that replaces song lyrics with the word “dance” to “prance”. The ‘Prancer’ is also seen jumping over various random obstacles.

Our favorite: The Killer’s “Human” is remade into a Prancing Cera parody: “Are we human? Or are we prancer?” See it here!


Conspiracy Keanu

Where it originated from: The image derives from a still from the 1980’s flick “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” found in New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog online article “Vulture’s Complete Field Guide to the Facial Expressions of Keanu Reeves.” The meme has gained momentum from the user-generated website

How it’s meme-d: Originally made into a reaction image for users on forums, the image spread viral as the image became an exploitative for conspiracy-derived questions.

Our favorite: Ted questions, “What if I’m really attractive and hot girls just think I’m out of their league?” See it here!


Snooki Crashing or Snookishop

Where it originated from: A Photoshopped image of Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi created online buzz when a Tumblr user made the site “SnookieShop” welcoming fans to create their own memes. Snooki, slump in a pink polo and Uggs, radiates an emotionless expression meme-makers found irresistible.

How it’s meme-d: Snooki crashes various events in pop culture –whether it is in a Madonna concert (Here!) or behind Barack Obama’s oval office (Here!) – with her paparazzi-snapped glum smug.

Our favorite: Snooki is seen behind Nicki Minaj and her Grammy Guest. A user’s caption states, “Glad I’m not the only girl with taste in this joint.” See it here!

-- Alissa Medina

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