Access Kids Week: ‘Medium’s’ Maria Lark

She may put on a sad face on “Medium,” but in real life nine-year-old scene-stealer Maria Lark is a perpetually smiling bundle of good cheer.

As Access Hollywood’s Kids Week rolls along, we head home with this very sunny child star to get to know more about Maria.

“Hey Access, welcome to my favorite room in the world - my bedroom!” Maria beams as she welcomes us in.

“There’s Raven my idol,” she smiles, pointing to a photo of her fellow young actress hanging on her wall.

But it’s not just Raven. Maria’s walls are also plastered with photos of teen twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse.

“They’re just sort of cute,” she gushes. “See this photo? Cole has his arm around me.”

Video: At Home With Maria Lark

And it was innocent, candid moments like that which captured our heart while we spent the day with the funny third grader.

Maria has also garnered the praise of her elder castmates.

“She’s just one of a kind,” her “Medium” mom Patricia Arquette told us. “She’s sort of like the love child of Jimmy Cagney and Mae West.”

An interesting comparison, to say the least. But how would Maria describe herself?

“I’m funny. I’m energetic. Just a dog loving, fun loving person,” Maria added.

Born in Siberia and adopted by her mom Peggy, mom knew instantly her baby girl was something special.

“She just had a charisma,” her mom said. “Something about her.”

And this little ball of charm has learned how to use her budding star power to her advantage.

We tagged along with Maria as she went door-to-door selling Girl Scout cookies and watched her work her “Medium” magic.

“They’re $4 a box, but if you buy a couple I’ll tell you what’s going to happen on ‘Medium,’” she joked with her neighbor.

“I think I’m a good seller,” she winks to our cameras.

After a hard day of selling, it’s back to Maria’s house where she reveals her ultimate crush.

“Orlando Bloom!” she exclaims.

But during her latest appearance on “The Tonight Show,” where she sat alongside George Clooney, Maria reminded the world’s Sexiest Man Alive just where he stood in her house when it came to the beautiful Bloom.

“Do you think your mom would like George Clooney or Orlando Bloom?” Jay Leno asked her.

“Orlando Bloom,” she gushed without hesitation, causing Clooney to jokingly get up and walk away.

“Sorry dude,” she laughed.

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