Access Q&A: Cee Lo Green’s ‘The Voice’ Cat Purrfect Speaks!

Cee Lo Green’s “secret weapon” on “The Voice,” a mysterious white female cat named Purrfect, is often perched in his lap during his search for the country’s next great singer. But, is reality TV’s fiercest feline just another celebrity pet accessory for the singer or is she instrumental in helping Team Cee Lo land the best voices?

Purrfect – who is known to Tweet and Facebook – has remained coy about giving interviews, but tempted the feisty feline fatale with a plate of fresh ahi tuna to find out more about the kitty with her paw on Cee Lo’s pulse. Hello Purrfect!

Purrfect: Oh Hai!

Access: What are people’s reactions when they find out you Tweet and Facebook?

Purrfect: People are very excited. Some fans are Tweeting me pics of their cats watching the show. Lots of humans ask me how I Tweet with no thumbs. Is easy. Has iPawd.

Access: Cee Lo calls you his “secret weapon”… give us the scoop?

Purrfect: That’s a secret I couldn’t pawsibly give away, but sometimes I’ll Tweet Papa Cee Lo when I hear an artist I like. I liked [contestant] Ducky. Is bird.

Access: How do you feel about other kitties coming around Cee Lo, he can be quite the ladies’ man.

Purrfect: As long as they pet me, I’m good. It’s not very often claws come out. Papa always talks about how much he likes kitties. Cat person I’spose.

Access: If you weren’t sitting in Cee Lo’s lap, which other coach would you snuggle with?

Purrfect: There’s no lap like Papa Cee Lo’s. Sometimes I hang with Blake. He’s got the good catnip.

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Access: Has NBC met all the requirements of your rider and what exactly do you demand to have in your dressing room/cage?

Purrfect: Cage? *HISS!* I require fresh ahi tuna (sushi-grade), catnip, organic milk bottle service, plush Egyptian cotton towels, feathers, and a pair of Fursace shoes to nap on. Cat condo must be covered with Persian rug. There is also zero-tolerance policy for laser pointers.

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Access: Designer you’re dying to wear?

Purrfect: I only wear fur.

Access: What about your favorite Hollywood hotspot?

Purrfect: Chateau Meowmont. The aquarium. Cat and Fiddle. Hungry Cat, Whiskers A-Go-Go, Cee Lo’s lap is hot spot.

Access: Have you had any run-ins with Uggie the Dog from “The Artist”?

Purrfect: I don’t care for dogs, tyvm (thank you very much).

Access: Favorite cat song of all time?

Purrfect: “Pet You” by Papa Cee Lo, “Oops I Littered Again,” and “Pet Me Baby One More Time” by Kitty Spears. [I also like] The Birds and Katy Purry. I have meow mixx of favorite songs on ‘The Voice’ page on iTunes.

Access: And finally, how long before Purrfect’s debut album drops?

Purrfect: I’m just hoping if I meow loud enough I’ll get a credit on one of Papa’s albums.

Access: Thanks Miss Purrfect, it was great chatting with you.

Purrfect: *Purrrrr*

Catch Cee Lo and Purrfect – along with fellow coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine – on “The Voice,” Mondays at 8 PM on NBC.

-- Jesse Spero

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