Anna Nicole?s Will Filed; Birkhead Named In Petition For Probate

Anna Nicole Smith’s will, which previously emerged during the course of the Seminole County hearing over the possession of the deceased’s body, was finally filed by Howard K. Stern in Los Angeles Superior Court today.

In the Petition For Probate for Anna Nicole’s estate, Larry Birkhead is listed as a party with general interest in the estate of Anna Nicole.

The estimated value of the estate (for filing fee purposes) is listed at $710,000, broken down as follows: $10,000 in personal property & $1.8 million in real estate holdings (minus $1.1 million in encumbrances).

Howard K. Stern is listed as a special administrator, who has the power to pay the recurring expenses on Anna Nicole’s property and the power to secure or store her personal property. He was also given the power to participate in the Marshall vs. Marshall case.

Access also acquired the Ex Parte petition for appointment of guardian of a minor, filed on behalf of Larry Birkhead. The hearing is set for June 19th at 10:30 AM at downtown central court. The petition was filed because

“Petitioner’s appointment as guardian of the Estate of his daughter, Dannielynn, is necessary and convenient to enable him, as her natural father, to represent his daughter’s interests in the probate proceedings for the Estate of Vickie Lynn Marshall, aka Vickie Lynn Smith, aka Vickie Lynn Hogan, aka Anna Nicole Smith, who was Dannielynn’s mother, who died on February 8, 2007. Those probate proceedings are being initiated in this court.”

The paperwork includes a declaration by Birkhead’s attorney, Michael R. Whalen, asking for Larry & Dannielynn’s personal info to be kept out of the court paperwork, and that no bond be set in the case.

The actual guardianship petition sets forth that the child “has been involved in an adoption, juvenile court, marriage dissolution, domestic relations, custody or other similar court case,” that there was a ‘Paternity’ case in the Bahamas, and a ‘Custody’ case (no location given). It also lists “the child’s relatives” as Larry, Anna Nicole, Larry’s parents, Anna Nicole’s parents, and “Brother Daniel Wayne Smith, Deceased.”

There is also a petition requesting that the appointment of a guardianship apply to the Estate only, and that the court “may dispense with the giving of notice to any one or more or all of all the relatives” (described as “all other relatives, including the minor’s grandparents” – presumably, directed towards Virgie Arthur, Dannielynn’s maternal grandmother).

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