Ashley Greene Talks Dating In The ‘Twilight’ Zone 

Being a “Twilight” vampire’s not easy on her love life, Ashley Greene told the October issue of Saturday Night Magazine.

The “Twilight Saga” star, who said she’s not in a relationship, admitted she’s not looking forward to having a boyfriend have to handle the spotlight.

“It’s amazing that people are so intrigued by who I have lunch with and whatnot. This is my thing: If I was in a relationship with someone that I really cared about, it would upset me if they speculated something about me and someone else because that other person has to read it,” Ashley said. “That’s the part which I haven’t encountered yet because I’m not in a relationship, but I’m just waiting for it — and then I’m sure I’ll hate it.”

But she said she’s not worried about the fans hating on her future man.

“The fans embrace everything that we do, so if I started dating some guy they would probably embrace him too,” she said. “It’s something I have to get used to, I guess. It’s all a part of this job. It’s like the little fine print of dating me: ‘You will now be thrown into this ‘Twilight’ whirlwind.”

However, Ashley said her relationships with her co-stars have only grown stronger as the cast films the third movie in the series, “Eclipse.”

“Kristen [Stewart] and I recently got closer,” she said. “Kellan [Lutz] and I are very close,” she said. “I have different relationships with different people, and it’s really great, I kind of get the best of everything. Rachelle [Lefevre] and I have this, like, zest for life. She and I can just go and have a glass of wine and unwind, and we work out together and stuff like that, so she and I have that kind of relationship — I think we’re both easygoing, fun people.

“Taylor’s super, super sweet, and Jackson [Rathbone], I adore. I love them all,” she added.

The next film in the series, “New Moon,” hits theaters on November 20.

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