Beauty And The Beast Q&A: Amber Skye Noyes On Tori Turning To Vincent For Help

Amber Skye Noyes’ eyes lit up, turning a particularly “beastly” brown and gold in the most recent episode of “Beauty and The Beast.” Her character, Tori, who now the first female beast on the show (and the first beast fans have met who wasn’t created in a lab), is about to experience quite a lot thanks to that change in this coming Monday’s episode of The CW drama.

And it appears the only person she can turn to for help or guidance, is the man who killed her father – Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), who she’ll be spending Thanksgiving with.

Actress and musician Amber (most recently of “One Life To Live) told what’s ahead.

PHOTOS: ‘Beauty And The Beast’ — The Latest Pics From Season 2 You have a song called ‘Howlin’ … and now you’re connected to a (TV) beast. Was that a bit of a weird coincidence for you?

Amber Skye Noyes: That was such a weird coincidence. I wrote that song and recorded it back in June and did a lot of the video over the summer before I even really watched ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ I had maybe seen an episode or two. … I auditioned for it in September and was on the show. I always knew [the song] was going to come out in the fall. Yes… it was very, very weird, and just very strange the way things manifested.

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Access: We saw your eyes change at the end of Monday’s episode. What can you tell us about that?

Amber: Well, I’ll clarify and say it’s definitely the first time that Tori has seen her eyes change like this and now she’s seen Vincent and she’s seen her father, she knows what her eyes flaring like that means. If it had happened a few days before, she would have been like, ‘That’s weird.’ But she knows what it means now. So she’s got a lot to decide. … Is she going to even tell anybody or is that just some freak reaction to the stress? She doesn’t even know why that trigged that, at that moment. … She doesn’t know if she’s gonna be like a bad beast like her father, or maybe she’ll be a good one like Vincent. I think she’s really freaked out and really scared.

Access: Speaking of her dad, Vincent ripped his heart out – quite literally. So I guess the question is, how does she feel about Vincent at this point?

Amber: [When she first encounters him she is] convinced that Vincent has kidnapped her, which I’m sure a lot of fans would gladly accept (laughs). The Twitter comments were like, ‘So, you’re tied up. So what?’ … But it’s clear, once that tracking device is taken out of her arm that he actually is kind of trying to help me out. … And he does save her from her father getting all beastly and trying to choke her… but she’s still very conflicted. … Vincent is her liberator, but at the same time, the way that she’s liberated is by her father being very brutally killed, so I think, just like with anybody that you love, even though they may mess up and be somebody that we don’t want them to be, they’re still family and it’s still her dad. … She’s sad about her dad, but she’s gonna really have to take care of her being a beast thing first before she can hash out any of her feelings.

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Access: The only other beast she knows is Vincent. Is that going to create a new relationship between the two of them because she’s going to need him to be a lot of things to her at this point?

Amber: Yeah, Vincent will be a lot of things to Tori… Like you said, he’s the only other beast that she can turn to, and he’s just gonna understand a lot of things about her and they’re gonna have a very different relationship than Catherine and Vincent could ever have, right? Because they’re both beasts and they’ll just understand a lot about each other. And because Tori’s a new beast, she’s gonna need a lot of guidance, and she’s not gonna know how to deal with all these things that are coming up for her. Vincent being more experienced is going to [make him] able to give her some guidance, and so there will be that sort of mentorship and that sort of dynamic between them as well. But we’ve never seen a male and a female beast together and we don’t know what will happen. So there are a lot of different possibilities and a lot of different things that could happen.

Access: Could that lead to jealousy too on Catherine’s part because at this point, Vincent doesn’t totally remember all of the feelings that they had for one another because of his memory issues? And here comes someone who can relate to Vincent in a totally unique way.

Amber: Catherine’s a pretty strong character. I don’t know if she would ever be straight up jealous, but I think the last thing that she needs in another complication and diversion away from her and Vincent getting stronger. But at the same time, Tori is still a person and Vincent helped and saved Cat a lot, so she’ll certainly understand that feeling of attachment that will come from anybody being saved by somebody else. So Cat, more than anybody, understands that hero role that Vincent has to play. It will certainly cause a different dynamic… It’s just another complication, but that’s what happens when you have great love — you have lots of tests along the way.

Access: It looks like a complication on the way for Tori is Thanksgiving dinner at Agent Reynolds’ house!

Amber: Yes (laughs).

Access: Should we be concerned for her at this point, that he might be keeping an eye on her in ways that aren’t good?

Amber: Yeah and we’re not sure, does he know anything about Tori… And Gabe is there as well at Thanksgiving. So why is Gabe there? They come for a good reason. … It’s going to be a very interesting Thanksgiving dinner. Dramatic, as most holiday dinners are, and I will say that we will see Tori more in like full beast mode. We don’t know how or in what capacity it will happen, but it’ll be really fun to watch Tori make that full transition for the first time. But we’ll have to wait and see about the circumstances, but you’ll definitely see more of Tori in her beast action.

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“Beauty and The Beast” airs Mondays at 9/8c on The CW.

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