Beauty And The Beast Q&A: Bridget Regan On Her Character Alex & Jay Ryan’s Legend Of The Seeker Cameo

Bridget Regan is back as Alex on “Beauty and The Beast” tonight, and her character is hoping to head off on a little romantic getaway with Jay Ryan’s Vincent, to rekindle their old romance.

But, for fans pining for the Vincent-Catherine pairing, there’s some good news. Alex still has to hear from Vincent about his secret, which could extinguish that relationship. She also is starting to notice that Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine has something of her own going on with the handsome former soldier in hiding.

Bridget famously played Kahlan Amnell in “Legend of the Seeker,” and that was actually where she first met Jay, before joining The CW drama for an extended guest arc. While cruising around Hollywood earlier this week, Bridget told about their first meeting in Jay’s native New Zealand, and fielded questions about Alex’s intentions toward Vincent. Oh, and we asked her about Muirfield too. So let’s talk about Miss Alex. I noticed in last week’s episode she had all these pictures up of her and Vincent.

Bridget: I know!

Access: That’s either creepy or she’s a schemer. Why hasn’t she moved on from Vincent? That’s a long time to think someone is dead and still have all those photos up?

Bridget: I know. It’s kind of crazy. I think the ones that are out in her apartment — I kind of think that maybe she just put those out again when he came back into her life. I agree with you — it would be kind of bizarre to have them up for 10 years. I think she has tried to move on a lot, but she just never met anyone like him, and never had that sort of connection. I think she’s just never found it.

Access: Vincent’s going to tell her his secret. What is her reaction going to be like? She’s in the medical field so she can potentially understand it, but it’s not every day someone tells you they are a former super-soldier with corrupted, cross species DNA.

Bridget: Alex knows that there’s something going on. She’s being respectful and trying to wait [to talk about it] until he wants to talk about it. Obviously she picked [up on that] there’s something happening with him. [But], you wouldn’t expect this. I mean, this is so extreme. And granted, soldiers do come back and they have post-traumatic stress [disorder] and they have a lot of stuff to deal with. They’ve seen a lot of things, so she’s expecting something along those lines, as anyone would, so it’s not an easy thing for her, when you’re expecting one thing and you get another. But she’s trying to just be there for him and be cool, but she’s challenged. She is an ICU nurse and she’s seen a lot and she doesn’t scare easily, but this is an extreme, this is out of this world sort of stuff.

Access: Obviously we saw her swiping hospital supplies and taking them to the clinic. Does she have more secrets we are going to find out?

Bridget: There’s a lot to her. I think she has been running this clinic, I kind of describe her as – she’s a good guy. She’s really trying to do some good in the world, but at the same time… she can’t stop because if she does, it’d be really sad and she keeps herself really, really busy… It’s not until Vincent comes back [into] her life that she goes, ‘OK, let’s go. Let’s run away. Let’s [live] happily ever after.’

Access: Now, I gotta ask… is she working with Muirfield?

Bridget: I have to say that that will come to fruition [whether she is or isn’t]. We did just see in the last episode Kelly’s character – Kelly Overton, who’s on the show as well – and you know, there’s obviously more to her than what she’s revealing to Evan, so yeah, again, you never know with this show do you?

Access: That was a good non-denial, non-confirm, skirting the question style answer.

Bridget: Thank you. Thank you very much!

Access: Alex saw Catherine get Vincent out of being arrested last week. Is she going to become suspicious of their relationship?

Bridget: Yes… And she has to start to wonder, but you know how it is. Sometimes you don’t want to see the truth because you wanna believe a different one. It’s a human characteristic to not want to admit to the truth and think, ‘Oh, he’s available! Perfect. We’re gonna run away together!’ But… it is starting to come to a head because there’s only so long you can deny the reality, and she did see how angry and how upset Catherine was at Vincent… Alex has a lot of question marks and that’s one of the reasons in this next episode, she wants to take him away for the weekend and really start the rest of their lives and kind of clear the air and commit to each other and pick up where they left off.

Access: Jay is from New Zealand, you filmed ‘Legend of the Seeker’ in New Zealand. Did your paths cross?

Bridget: Yes! Jay was on an episode of ‘Legend of the Seeker’ and I actually worked with Nina [Lisandrello, who plays Tess] as well. Nina and I were in a film called ‘The Best and The Brightest,’ with Neil Patrick Harris and Amy Sedaris. It’s a small world. But, I loved working with Jay. He was on ‘Seeker.’ I think we only worked one day together, and he brought a really great energy to the show and he was really great to have on it. For me, I just love New Zealand and I love Kiwis… [On the ‘BATB’ set], I was teasing Jay constantly with my New Zealand accent (Editor’s note: she puts on an NZ accent during our phonecall and it’s shockingly good!)… He would just laugh at me a lot and say that I sounded like his mom.

Access: ‘Legend of the Seeker’ fans are still hoping for the show to return. They Tweet us about it at Access. But the show is gone, and there’s no chance you’ll ever do a movie, right?

Bridget: We did kind of wrap it up. We did save the world, right? (laughs) Although, that being said, in the series of books, I think there’s like 13 books now, so there could have been more adventures to be had, I’m sure, if it was meant to be. But, for us… it was a lot of fun and for me it was such a huge thing. I met my husband down there, it was like really meant to be. And I made some really special friends and it was such a special time. Sometimes people talk about the movie and it comes up every now and again, but nothing really serious has ever come [of] it. I am happy to not put on a leather corset again — for a long time — I’m not gonna lie. It was a lot of painful ribs, but I did love that character, she was kind of a remarkable special character to play and I can see why fans still gravitate to it so much and love it because it was special.

“Beauty and The Beast” airs Thursdays at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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