Bill O’Reilly’s Crew Ambushes Rosie At Book Signing

Rosie O’Donnell is certainly no stranger to controversy, but who knew she’d find her fair share during a quiet Saturday afternoon book signing?

The above scenario is exactly what played out when her old archenemy, Bill O’Reilly, sent his khaki-clad henchmen to ambush Rosie inside a Long Island bookstore.

As Rosie sat at the table signing copies of her new book, “Celebrity Detox,” O’Reilly’s camera crew suddenly approached her.

“This is Bill O’Reilly’s camera crew, but don’t throw them out. It just makes it all worse when he puts it on the Bill O’Reilly ‘No Spin Zone,’” Rosie said calmly, as she remained seated at her table.

But throwing out the production crew is exactly what came down once they approached Rosie to try and get her to come on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“He wants to know if you regret saying 9/11 was an inside job?” one of O’Reilly’s producers asked Rosie.

“I didn’t say that. He’s quoting the wrong people,” Rosie replied before a security guard stepped in front of the camera, which Rosie quickly admonished.

“Everybody just stop. That’s what they want you to do,” Rosie said. “Now sir, could you please put down your camera? Could you turn it off?”

However, Rosie’s request to shut off the camera went unheard and an angry Rosie eventually got up from her seat until O’Reilly’s crew was escorted out.

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