Billy’s Blog: Denise & Richie: April 24, 2006

The photos and eyewitness accounts of Denise Richards and Richie Sambora cozying…smooching, petting, fawning, etc. have me confused.

This set of events is either a “set up” or a full on public relations disaster.  If it was a “caught in the act” disaster, why were they so obvious?  Neither Denise nor Richie stands to gain anything from that.  She leveled scorched earth accusations against her husband Charlie Sheen:  implying that he viewed underage girls performing oral sex on each other on the internet; that he pushed her down on the floor while she was holding their baby; that his prostitute habit is rampant; that he screamed at her, wishing “breast cancer” on her and cancer of the face. It just goes on and on and, in short, is awful.

So why in the world would Denise Richards do that on Friday and hook up with Richie Sambora over the weekend?  First, the sting in her accusations against Charlie gets weakened.  I read her claims and felt terribly for her.  I rationalized in my mind that even if Charlie were guilty of one eighth of it, that was enough and I felt really badly for her and frightened for their children.  Then Charlie spoke to Tony Potts at an event to promote his children’s clothing line…he was ready.  Charlie vehemently denied her charges and acted disgusted at her response to what he called their “failed marriage”.  In the court of public opinion, it was one day later and he was already on his way back, though inarguably he had his work cut out for him.  But, while Charlie was defending himself with Tony Potts on our show, Denise was photographed being affectionate with Richie Sambora.  There goes the empathy for her and Charlie has now, as I see the court of public opinion, pulled even at least. 

 Now, Denise is really close friends with Richie’s wife, from whom he has been separated for several months, Heather Locklear…. what is going on here?  Now she risks looking like a backstabber and a predator.

In order to stay as objective as I can, I will remain open to the possibility that Denise is still great friends with Heather, has also remained great friends with her husband, Richie, who’s a rocker with an extremely affectionate, “hands on” personal style with his friends; and that this is nothing but a big misunderstanding.  But the video and photos of Denise and Richie are out there…I can tell you that I do not come close to that level of intimate interaction with any of my close buddies’ wives…it’s inappropriate no matter what.

It’s clear that Denise and Charlie are past the point of reparation in their marriage, but without realizing it perhaps, Denise has reached out to help him recover from this PR beating not 24 hours after leveling brutal allegations against him. 

 Hollywood, reinforcing the moral fabric of America at every turn….the epicenter of family values.  The more this kind of stuff goes on, the more ANYONE from this town who opens their mouth in outrage over ANYTHING has lost their footing!  More to come for sure…

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