Bond’s New Babes Talk Skyfall

“Skyfall” ushers two new women into the exclusive “Bond Babes” club – Berenice Marlohe and Naomie Harris. And while the actresses loved joining the clique, they couldn’t tell anyone – at first.

“[We had to keep it secret for] ages, as well. Like a really, really long time,” Naomie told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle on Monday at the “Skyfall” junket in New York City. “It was like two months keeping it a secret.”

The English actress said she was worried the secret would get out.

“I was really scared. They kind of instilled fear in me,” she said. “It was really like signing up for a real MI6 mission. It was like, top secret.”

To celebrate her new gig, Naomi had a party with the family, while French actress Berenice went out with her cousin.

“We just went in a restaurant celebrating, because, for me, food is so important. We had a lot of good food and champagne and all that stuff,” she said.

Naomie, who plays Eve in the film, told Michelle her Bond girl adds a fresh element to the “Bond Babe” tag.

“I wanted a modern twist on the Bond girl,” she said. “That’s how I was offered the role. They said, ‘We want you to do something original. We want it to be really modern. We want to change this all up.’ That’s what I really like. I think it’s a Bond girl like no other in the sense that she’s an equal to Bond.”

And Berenice, who plays Severine, said her character also has some skills.

“I really love the action stuff with guns. I really consider — for me, the Bond girl has a male part, a feminine part… and some kind of animality,” she explained. “This is why I really enjoyed creating Severine because she is exactly what I had in mind when thinking about a Bond girl.”

“Skyfall” opens in theaters on November 9.

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