Brandy’s ‘Dancing’ Blog, #6: Falling Into The Rhythm

So here we are in our fourth week and last night’s elimination for me was a ‘sad situation.’ Regardless of what you may hear, seeing Mike (“The Situation”) leave was really hard. He was a definite bright spot in my days here with the DWTS family and for me personally, he was quite the charmer. He was always so sweet when I would see him at rehearsals and especially on show days. He was forever giving me chains from his new jewelry line and always had a quick smile. None of us here are really dancers (except for the pros) and I truly saw him trying his best and giving his all on Monday night during the competition. I thought that some of his lifts were amazing and I’m not so sure that I would have had the guts to go for some of the complicated stuff that he and his wonderful partner, Karina, attempted. Even though the judges rated him at the bottom, it was still up for grabs as to who would be leaving because your votes carry a lot of weight when it comes down to it.

I admit that I was relieved when Maks and I were safe early on during Tuesday’s elimination show. No matter how hard you work and how much you pray, when I hear our names called, as being “safe,” it’s always a huge weight off my shoulders. Unlike Week Two (with that not-so-great-jive of mine), I have consistently tried to incorporate the judges’ critiques into my next performance. They need my toes pointed more, the next week I am pointing so hard until my ankles are sore. They need more softness and grace in my arms, the next week I’ll work on my posture and practice ballet moves at home in front of my mirror. The real trick is to remember these tips from week to week and still manage to get a brand new routine down in five days.

First, there is the general rhythm of each dance to learn. Next, is learning the choreography; add in the special musical selection and blend everything together and voila! – Monday is here. This past Monday was very special because the stage was round. It definitely created a much more intimate atmosphere with the audience. I truly felt the romance in the air when Maks and I stepped on the dance floor for our Rumba.

From the costume design to the sweet and sensual Maxwell song, the mood was set, and I remember floating on air as I focused on my partner. It was our best dance ever and we were so pleased with how things felt that the judges’ praise was really just the topping on our already full sundae!! Each week, I feel that I am getting stronger and faster in picking up the new dances as Maks and I have finally sunk into our own special rhythm. We’ve bonded as a team and I really do look forward to our time together in rehearsals and on the dance floor.

Now, before you all get dreamy-eyed, I am standing firm by our ‘we’re just friends’ motto. I know that I mentioned that I haven’t been in love in over six years, but the truth is, I’m not looking for love. I’m waiting for love… and there is a huge difference. My life is very full right now and I have my daughter, my family, my friends, and my full work schedule to keep me happy in the meantime. Love with that special someone will find us both in the right place at the right time and I’m open and ready for that at anytime.

But, until then, I’ll keep a positive attitude and find joy in everyday life… just like you! Whether it’s my daughter getting a 97% on a school paper, my mom helping me to ice-down and wrap my ankle for the evening, hitting a right note in the studio OR even learning a complicated new dance, I’m so thrilled to be living in this moment that everyday becomes a “happy day.” That’s a message that I hope shines through on these blogs. Every day is a blessing.

If you keep your head up and moving towards your goal, you’ll find that every day is a good day and you will have already won… no matter what “the situation.”

Peace and love to my fellow cast members, the fans and the AH family,


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