Carrie Underwood Dishes On Baby Plans & Closet Wars With Her Husband

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are still enjoying wedded bliss after tying the knot in July 2010, and while the singer – who will co-host the 45th Annual CMA Awards alongside Brad Paisley for the fourth consecutive year on Wednesday – is too busy to have babies on the brain just yet, she says having children is definitely on the couple’s horizon.

“Future, future, future,” Carrie told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Jill Martin in an interview in Nashville on Sunday, when asked if she and her hockey star husband are thinking of adding to their family. “Right now, [Mike is] gone all the time, so it just wouldn’t be fair to either one of us as parents — or to our child — if it was like, ‘Well, sorry little baby, you’re not going to see your dad for a few months cause mommy’s got to go on the road and neither one of us are willing to bend on what we do right now.’

“We have two doggies, and they keep us quite busy and quite entertained,” she added.

While the power pair is currently content with their hectic work schedules and canine companions, Carrie admitted a closet space shortage has been a slight bone of contention between her and her hockey hunk.

“[Mike] is such the perfect mix of like, man’s man — you know, he plays hockey, he’s a tough guy… but he dresses nice and he’s got a lot of shoes, and stuff like that, he’s just the perfect little blend — but that comes with its own set of problems,” Carrie told Jill. “He’s like, ‘I need more closet space.’ I was like, ‘Where am I going to put all my stuff?!’

“Now, he has totally interrupted my girl space with these giant metal racks with all of his coats and stuff on them,” she continued. “All of our guest bedroom closets are full of his stuff. It’s embarrassing. People come over, and they’re like, ‘Um, I hope you don’t mind, I had to move a couple of these things so I could hang some dresses.’ I’m like, ‘I’m sorry. Sorry.’”

And speaking of dresses, the 28-year-old singer, who (in addition to her co-host duties) is nominated for six CMA awards, says this year’s show will include a dizzying number of wardrobe changes — though the exact number has yet to be determined.

“I haven’t quite figured out exactly how many I’m going to have. And stuff can always change,” she told Jill. “Last year, I had a zipper bust, and it was like, ‘Ah! Replacement dress, real quick.’”

Luckily, the wardrobe malfunction occurred during rehearsals, and not during the actual show.

“I had literally 40 seconds to change my outfit head to toe, and people were like holding up sheets… there were probably a lot of people who saw a lot of Carrie Underwood that night,” she laughed. “I didn’t make the change in time, and then I walked out there and had to read my monologue holding my dress together. It was horrible!”

As for her beauty secrets, Carrie, a spokeswoman for Olay, revealed she begins preparing her skin for big events a couple of weeks in advance.

“I always try to just really pay close attention to my skin, and make sure everything’s OK, and keep it clean, keep it moisturized, and all that stuff,” she said. “The day and the night of [the event], sleep, water, keep your moisturizer on, keep your face clean, you’re good to go.”

Catch Carrie, along with co-host Brad Paisley, on the 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards – tonight at 8 PM on ABC.

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