Celebrity Proms: ‘Dancing’s’ Ian Ziering

LOS ANGELES (May 10, 2007) — Out of the millions of people who watch Ian Ziering on “Dancing With the Stars,” there is one woman who knows the truth about how far he’s come as a dancer – his prom date!

“Ian,” the actor’s 1982 prom date told Ziering in a video postcard we presented him, “your dancing has come a long ways since the prom. I am really proud of you.”

We took Ian back twenty-five years to prom 1982 at Mountain High School in West Orange, New Jersey. We found his prom date, Julie Slavitt, happily married with two little girls in Demarest, New Jersey.

“Actually,” Julie recounts, “Ian’s friend asked me first to the prom but I didn’t want to go to the prom, so I said no but then Ian asked me, so we decided the three of us would go together.

“The principal then called me into the office and said that was inappropriate, I couldn’t go with two guys so I ended up going with Ian and our friend ended up going with someone else,” she says.

“We actually didn’t stay at the prom for that long from what I remember,” she continues. “We didn’t dance, Ian back then could not dance!”

My how times have changed. Now, Julie is voting for the “90210” vet each week on “Dancing With the Stars.”

“You’re doing a great job and you owe me a dance,” Julie said in our video.

“I owe her a dance,” Ian admits. “That’s amazing.”

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