Charlie Sheen Hoping ‘Anger Management’ Is His TV ‘Swan Song,’ Wants To Take A Dad Break

Charlie Sheen is hoping his upcoming FX comedy, “Anger Management,” will be a successful “swan song” to his television career.

The actor made the remark when Access Hollywood correspondent Jill Martin asked Charlie on Thursday about his twins – Bob and Max, who just turned 3.

“They’re doing great and I have three girls as well, Cassandra and Sam and Lola. That’s why I’m excited about this show possibly being my swan song,” Charlie said. “Then I can just leave that behind and just be a full-time dad.”

“Anger Management” premieres on FX on June 28, and Charlie wants people to remember him for his new show and not the drama that occurred around his exit from “Two and a Half Men” last year.

“I said that the only thing that’s going to slow us down here is laughter,” Charlie recounted to Jill of what he told the “Anger Management” crew on the first day of shooting. “I can’t have [what happened with ‘…Men’] be my legacy. Something like this is such a better opportunity to really go out on a real strong note.

“I’m not saying I’m done forever,” Charlie continued. “I mean, I [just gotta] take some time off, and do some movies or more TV. I don’t know, I don’t really have a plan.”

So far, the actor has shot two episodes of the comedy, which sees him playing a therapist, something Charlie calls, “a trip.” And while he’s enjoying the experience, he wants his former “… Men” castmates to know that his remarks certainly aren’t “a shot to any of them about having more fun.”

“I’m in an environment, finally, that is about celebrating the work and the people that do it and I’m surrounded by experts on every front,” Charlie added. “It’s really exciting.”

The actor also said he has no hard feelings over actress Kathy Bates playing his character, Charlie Harper, in the afterlife on an upcoming episode of “… Men.” He does, however, think it’s a dig from someone else.

“I don’t know the storyline. I don’t get the scripts anymore… I just think a certain someone is just trying to continue to insult me and not focus on the writing,” Charlie told Jill. “I was honored they hired her. She’s a genius, and a family friend… When I read, ‘Misery,’ I thought, ‘There’s no one alive to play this. There’s no one alive.’ And then, when I saw it, I went, ‘Except her.’ I mean, Wow. That’s one of the great performances of all time.”

It’s well known that Charlie is an avid sports enthusiast and beyond talk of his “Anger Management” role, he is looking forward to the coming of the next NFL season and Tim Tebow’s presence on the New York Jets.

“I’ve been traded, so I know how he feels,” Charlie laughed. “I wish him luck. He’s exciting as hell to watch, I just think maybe [I will] get tired of like, you know, chewing that last nail off every single time. But the guy’s a real talent and he’ll play well anywhere. I just hope [Peyton] Manning’s neck is fine and we can watch his brilliance for another decade.”

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