Charlie Sheen Timeline Of Past 25 Years

Charlie Sheen is certainly no stranger to headline-making events. The “Two and a Half Men” star has been in the public eye for over 25 years, and Access has a timeline Charlie’s alleged altercations from the past quarter century.

-- Jan. 28, 2011 - Charlie Sheen voluntarily enters rehab. CBS announces that “Two and a Half Men” is going on hiatus.

-- Jan. 27, 2011 - After allegedly spending all night partying, Sheen is rushed to the hospital around 7 AM PST for severe abdominal pains.

-- Jan. 14, 2011 – Sheen allegedly has a bender in Las Vegas, complete with a wild weekend reportedly spent with porn star Bree Olsen, Bombshell McGee and Lindsay Sinai in his penthouse suite. After CBS failed to be able to reach him for his “Two and a Half Men” call time, he finally returned to his show late Monday morning via private jet from Vegas.

-- November 2, 2010 – Sheen files for divorce from Brooke Mueller.

-- October 26, 2010 – Sheen is removed from his Plaza Hotel suite in NYC after causing a disturbance. There was allegedly damage to the room, including broken furniture.

-- August 2, 2010 – Sheen pleads guilty in Aspen, CO to misdemeanor third-degree assault and is sentenced to 30 days in rehab, 30 days probation and 36 hours of anger management in connection with his Christmas 2009 arrest.

-- February 23, 2010 – It is announced that Charlie will enter a rehabilitation facility and take time off from his series, “Two and a Half Men.”

-- February 22, 2010 – Child Protective Services is called to Sheen’s residence for what his rep refers to as a “routine procedure.”

-- February 22, 2010 – Brooke Mueller reportedly has to move from Malibu rehab facility, The Canyon, due to a privacy breach.

-- February 8, 2010 – Charlie is charged with felony menacing and misdemeanor charges of third degree assault and criminal mischief in connection with his Christmas 2009 arrest. Sheen did not enter a plea.

-- February 5, 2010 – Sheen’s Mercedes is stolen and found upside down at the bottom of a cliff near Mullholland Drive.

-- January 20, 2010 – Brooke Mueller is admitted to the hospital with a fever and infection following oral surgery.

-- January 7, 2010 – Hanes ends its advertising campaign featuring Charlie and pulled its TV ads as of December 28th.

-- December 25, 2009 – Charlie is arrested in Aspen, Colorado on domestic violence allegations in which he allegedly (according to an affidavit) pinned Brooke to a bed and put a knife to her throat.

-- March 14, 2009 – Brooke gives birth to twin boys Bob and Max.

-- May 30, 2008 – Charlie marries Brooke Mueller.

-- July 2007 – Charlie becomes engaged to Brooke Mueller.

-- November 30, 2006 – Charlie and Denise’s divorce is finalized.

-- June 1, 2005 – Denise gives birth to their daughter, Lola.

-- March 2, 2005 – Denise Richards files for divorce while pregnant with their second child.

-- March 9, 2004 – Denise gives birth to their daughter, Sam.

-- June 15, 2003 - Charlie marries actress Denise Richards.

-- May 25, 1998 – Charlie checks himself into Promises rehab center.

-- May 23, 1998 - Sheen leaves an unidentified drug rehab center and is picked up by police near Santa Monica the same day.

-- May 22, 1998 – Charlie is hospitalized after a cocaine overdose. His father, Martin Sheen, turned him over to the authorities for violating his probation.

-- June 6, 1997 - Sheen pleads no contest to beating Brittany Ashland. Suspending a one-year jail sentence, Judge Lawrence J. Mira gives Sheen two years probation and orders him to pay $ 2,800, perform 300 hours of community service and attend eight counseling sessions.

-- December 20, 1996 - Sheen is arrested for allegedly beating porn star girlfriend, Brittany Ashland. She claimed Charlie knocked her out during an argument. She also alleged that Sheen threatened to kill her if she said anything.

-- November 1996 – Charlie’s divorce from Donna is finalized.

-- September 3, 1995 – Charlie marries model Donna Peele.

-- July 1995 – Sheen testifies at the Heidi Fleiss trial, admitting to running up a tab of over $50,000.

-- September 7, 1990 - Charlie completes a month of drug rehab after checking himself in on August 9 (the rehab center and drug substance were not revealed).

-- January 1990 – Then-fiancee Kelly Preston is accidentally shot in the arm at their home.

-- 1984 – Sheen’s daughter, Cassandra, is born. Mother is Paula Profitt.

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