Charlie Sheen’s Sedan Stolen & Crashed Early Friday Morning

Charlie Sheen’s Sedan was reported stolen from his home and crashed into a ravine on Friday morning, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

The car was not an SUV, as previously reported by Access and many other outlets, earlier this morning.

The Los Angeles Police Department told Access that the Sheen house received a call from the car’s in-vehicle security system, Tele Aid, after an alert was triggered from the car at 3:45 AM on Friday morning when the airbags were deployed. A member of the Sheen household then called authorities.

OnStar – which used not used in Mercedes Benz cars – did not contact the Sheen house, as previously reported.

LAPD and Los Angeles County Fire Department responded to the alert at 4:06 AM and found Sheen’s vehicle, a 2009 Mercedes Benz S600, at the bottom of a cliff near Mulholland Drive in LA. The car is valued at $160,000.

A source told Access that the stolen car is one of two identical cars that the actor owns. One Mercedes is black on beige and the other is black on black. Sheen purchased the twin cars around when his own twins, Bob and Max, were born in March of 2009. The black on beige was the car found stolen on Friday.

When authorities arrived on the scene no one was found in the car.

There are currently 34 firefighters, a heavy rescue team, an ambulance and a helicopter on the scene of the wreckage. They are searching the nearby hillside area looking for the possible driver of the car.

Detectives are currently investigating the incident.

The alleged auto theft occurred after a break-in through the side door of the Sheen house that leads to a garage, the source added. The keys to Sheen’s Mercedes were hanging on a hook in the garage. Other items from the garage were also stolen.

Access has confirmed that Sheen is currently at home and fine.

On Friday afternoon, LAPD told Access that “investigators believe that three other cars in the area were burglarized.” Authorities noted that the alleged burglaries were not necessarily auto thefts and could also have been vandalized property. Police said the Sheen incident is still an auto theft investigation.

Also on Friday afternoon, a Bentley was found driven off another cliff near the location where Sheen’s car was found, the LAPD confirmed to Access. Authorities do not know if the two incidents are connected. LAFD is currently on the scene checking if anyone is in the vehicle. A photographer found the Bentley while shooting Charlie’s car.

Sheen’s auto theft comes on the heels of a whirlwind last few months for the actor. On Christmas day he was arrested after wife Brooke Mueller claimed he threatened her with a knife while they were vacationing in Aspen, Colo. Sheen is expected to be arraigned on domestic violence charges related to the Christmas incident possibly today or next Monday.

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