Copper’s Kyle Schmid Talks Tackling 19th Century Bad Guys, Returning To Being Human & Arrow Guest Spot

“Copper,” BBC America’s first original scripted series, wraps up its first season this Sunday, and it’s shaping up to be one fiery episode.

Kyle Schmid’s Robert Moorehouse will have plenty on his plate, as he tackles tricky family matters with his father, a potential turncoat of a girlfriend and those pesky confederates hoping to use Greek fire to bring vengeance against New York City.

“I think he’ll do everything he can do,” Kyle told of his wealthy, former playboy character’s reaction to the coming assault on an 1864 Five Points, NY. “That’s not to say he’s going to succeed.”

Kyle, who follows up “Copper” with a return to Syfy’s “Being Human” and a guest spot playing one of the villains on The CW’s “Arrow,” hinted to Access about some of the trouble coming the way of Moorehouse, Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) and their friends in Sunday’s Season 1 finale. And good news, BBC America just announced the series, the highest-rated drama on the network, will be back for a 13-episode Season 2. First things first – do you still have the massive Robert Moorehouse chops?

Kyle Schmid: No! I wish I did… Oddly enough they were hell to grow out, but now that I’ve actually lost them, I miss them (laughs).

Access: While filming ‘Copper’ in Canada people must have thought you were in a rock band.

Kyle: Yeah, the whole kind of emo/hipster vibe with the chops always [got] a lot of compliments from the hipsters and some old-school bikers. It’s always entertaining to be out at a bar with me and Kevin Ryan [who plays Detective Francis Maguire], with his sideburns. [It always brought] some attention.

Access: On to the season finale then. Last week, your character tried to save his father from some nasty blackmail and he’s also been trying to stop Greek fire from coming in and taking out NYC. Will he be the hero this weekend?

Kyle: I think Robert wants to be the hero… I can’t give anything away, but he’s always battling his own personal demons and the opportunistic part of society that he lives in. But, in the end, when it comes down to it, [he’ll] take family over all of it, and especially the well-being of New York. I think he knows where he stands at this point in this season, so I think he’ll do everything he can do. That’s not to say he’s going to succeed.

Access: From the previews, it looks like there is a lot of fire coming.

Kyle: I have so many cool stories that I could tell you right now, but I can’t without giving away a lot of what happens in Episode 10… Parents always said don’t play with fire, but that’s not always the way it works.

Access: Elizabeth Haverford (played by “Once Upon A Time’s” Anastasia Griffith) seems to have some lingering feelings for Corcoran, but she’s with Robert and they’ve been talking about trust lately. Can he trust her?

Kyle: Robert, I think, truly loves Elizabeth and who Elizabeth is as a person in regards to her more outgoing personal spirit and voice, and also her intelligence. I think in a lot of relationships, whether they [are] true to life or even in movies, ignorance is sometimes a blissful place to be… It’s interesting to see and in all honesty we don’t know where we’re going next season… so it’s kind of just sitting back and watching with those kind of big doe-y love eyes [from which] Robert really sees Elizabeth.

Access: This show has some amazing period costumes – what was the best thing about getting to wear them, besides not having to wear corsets?

Kyle: There’s no corset, but I also wear three braces on my leg to do the limp so I don’t have to be thinking about it while I’m actually working… Those kind of sucked, but the cashmere wardrobe and the silks and the vests and everything else — I mean, the fittings were incredible… Just being fitted for all these clothes and then a week later walking on the set wearing everything? It’s like walking into ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Access: Did it influence your style?

Kyle: I loved the wingtips and I love the Stacy Adams shoes (they’re kind of like a wingtip)… and pocket watches. I love that style. That classic, manly kind of handsome style should come back. I loved the suits with the vests. That’s the kind of style I’ve been wearing just recently and it’s fun.

Access: Now you’re going back to ‘Being Human’ Season 3 as Henry?

Kyle: I actually went straight from ‘Copper’ to ‘Being Human’ as soon as we wrapped, which was interesting because it was like a week and then I shaved everything and had the haircut and then went back to a completely different character, in Montreal, which was pretty cool, I’ve gotta say. It was nice to be back in Montreal with the ‘Being Human’ family. Everybody’s always so sweet over there.

Access: What is it about Canada — the scenery can stand in for any city, any time?

Kyle: (Laughs) Three weeks after that, I did ‘Arrow’ up in Vancouver. [And before that,] Toronto. Montreal.

Access: What are you doing on ‘Arrow’?

Kyle: It’s one pretty amazing episode. We play a family of bank robbers called the Royal Flush Gang and I play their kind of sociopathic leader – Ace, who kind loses his mental stability…

Access: From fighting on ‘Copper’ to ‘Being Human’ to fighting Stephen Amell in ‘Arrow’?

Kyle: Yep… I can’t complain. It’s been amazing.

Catch the “Copper” Season 1 finale on BBC America, Sunday night at 10 PM.

-- Jolie Lash

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