'Dance Moms' Star JoJo Siwa Announces New Extensive Product Deal – At Age 13!

The breakout star of "Dance Moms" JoJo Siwa was originally known for her dancing. Then, JoJo showed off her singing talent with her sassy song "Boomerang" whose music video has seen over 93 million views on YouTube.

But now, the young entertainer has entered Gwyneth Paltrow Goop territory by striking a partnership deal with Nickelodeon with plans to produce JoJo-inspired products.

Nickelodeon announced Wednesday they formed an exclusive licensing deal with JoJo to develop a consumer product line inspired by the 13-year-old dancer/singer. 

But what items could we expect the young star to be signing off on?

Despite telling Access Hollywood in June of this year that her famous hair bow collection is over 600 and counting, a JoJo hair accessory line may not be the first item to launch.  Instead, we could see JoJo-branded furniture, clothing, and even books.

In a press release about the partnership, Nickelodeon said it will seek to secure merchandise and partnerships that could bear the JoJo name "spanning categories including apparel, home furnishings, toys, publishing and more."
Nickelodeon --the same company that turned Sponge Bob Square Pants into to a lucrative merchandising brand all the way down to his underwater pineapple house – stated in their release that the young influencer "is a great young talent who our audience loves because she is a positive role model and is happy being a kid."

The company also noted that JoJo's "fresh, signature style reflects her fun and vibrant personality." So, we assume items from the future JoJo Siwa line will feature a poppy, upbeat and youthful design feel. Or, at least, until she reaches Gwyneth's age.

-- Kim Martin

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