Daniel Craig On The Not-Quite-Joys Of Getting Into James Bond Shape For Skyfall

Daniel Craig’s sexy exit from the sea in “Casino Royale” (in tight-fitting swimming briefs) remains one of the most memorable scenes from his run as James Bond, but it’s not a physique he keeps up in his day-to-day life. Getting back in Bond shape for the role, however, was no big deal, the British hunk told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle on Monday.

“It’s just a ball, quite frankly,” he told Michelle at the “Skyfall” junket in New York City, speaking tongue-in-cheek about his workouts. “I mean, [I’ve] just got to do it.

“I spoke to a doctor while I was doing the film who said, ‘You’re playing a football match kind of every day, and not getting any rest. You’re playing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and then taking Sunday off.’ Normally, football players would come Saturday or Sunday and take three days off at least,” Daniel continued. “So I was sort of constantly sort of bashed up. So keeping in shape — it was just so I moved — at all.”

In “Skyfall” Daniel has one scene where he’s wearing just a towel, and he revealed producers let him know ahead of time, so he could prepare.

“I kind of have to work towards that. Luckily, we kind of plan those out beforehand, so I can kind of work to make sure I’m kind of in as good of shape as I can be for those scenes,” he said.

Aside from his titillating movie moments, “Skyfall” is also suspenseful and brings back a famed Bond character – Q – this time played by “The Hours” actor Ben Whishaw.

“What I love [about the film is] the story sort of brings in this idea of sort of the old world and the new world of espionage, and the government officials in the movies were talking about cutting corners and saying, ‘Well, we’ll send in drones and we can spy on people with satellites. We don’t actually need to have people in the field.’ Bond’s obviously opposed to that,” Daniel said. “He thinks you’ve got to be there, you’ve got experience it, you’ve got to look people in the eye. So, with bringing Q back in, who’s sort of that new school and Bond, who’s of the old school — that clash — hopefully it’s going to be a quite exciting journey to go on with those two.”

“Skyfall” hits theaters on October 26.

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