Daniel Gillies On The Return Of 'The Originals': 'Buckle Up!'

"The Originals" returns to The CW for its first episode of 2016 on Friday, and it's a big one.

"Julie [Plec]… she's like -- there's an old boxer called Jersey Joe Walcott. He used to fight off both feet and like as Brando used to say, 'You think you see a punch coming from the southwest and he hits you from the northeast.' That's sort of how Julie Plec is with her writing," Daniel Gillies, who plays Elijah Mikaelson, told Access Hollywood when we asked him about his reaction to the midseason premiere script. "You'll open stuff up and you'll be like, 'Oh, that's happening,' so I'm sort of used to being hit with a ton of bricks… Buckle up for Episode 10. January 29, Friday, 9/8c."

In last year's midseason finale, after a warm holiday celebration, both of the Mikaelson brothers were faced with devastating news. For Klaus, it was waking up next to a lifeless Cami, whose throat had been slit, and for Elijah, it was having to dagger his sister, Rebekah, when she realized the spell to control her had returned.

The new episode of "The Originals" will feature the Mikaelson brothers facing off with enemies who are determined to do them – and their loved ones – harm.

"[I] think that we're going to see some dark situations approaching," Daniel told Access. "I know that Hayley and Jackson… are going to be seized by the evil duo of Tristan and Aurora and because they are seized by these guys we have to have a bit of a stand off."

Daniel added that there is "some brutal stuff is coming up" on the show.

And, Klaus' reaction to what happened to Cami, and the way he'll approach facing the Mikaelsons' enemies could put everyone at risk.

"There's a line I just said in the episode we just filmed the other day and I don't think I'm giving anything away here. I say, 'When Niklaus is consumed like this, no one is safe,' and I think that kind of sums it up – that family and foe alike are equally endangered around him when he feels threatened," Daniel said.

"The Originals" returns Friday at 9/8c on The CW after an all-new episode of "The Vampire Diaries."

-- Jolie Lash

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