'DC's Legends Of Tomorrow': Routh, Lotz & Miller Talk Joining Rip Hunter


It's finally their time. On Thursday night, The CW welcomes "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" to its "Arrow-verse." 

The spin-off of "Arrow," now in its fourth season, and "The Flash," now in its second, kicks off its time traveling heroic adventure when Arthur Darvill, a Time Master, travels the present-day globe to assemble a team to fight Vandal Savage (Casper Crump), who is determined to destroy the world.

Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer is one of the first to get on board with Rip's request.

"Ray's pretty amped up about that," Brandon told Access Hollywood about why Ray will say "yes." "I think his whole journey coming off of Season 4 was that his life didn't ultimately mean what he kind of thought it was going to, it didn't have the impact he wanted, and now he's able to get to the top of the food chain as it were, to affect change globally in the world, which he's jazzed about."

For another "Arrow-verse" character -- Caity Lotz's Sara Lance -- joining a team of heroes comes at the right time. Sara is still dealing with her Lazarus Pit resurrection effects when Rip finds her, and that is something that will continue as "Legends" rolls out Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

"They'll carry on for a bit," Caity told Access of the Pit's effects. "Sara has some time from after we last saw her on 'Arrow' and before we [pick] up for 'Legends.' She's been off like travelling the world and kind of drinking her way through bars and getting in fights and [is] just a wandering lost soul, and so when he comes, it's very much like an opportunity to have a purpose, and the bloodlust is something that she deals with for quite a bit of the show."

But having a team leader to follow is something Sara won't find easy.

"She and Rip -- they butt heads a lot," Caity told Access. "We yell at each other a lot, like, we bicker a lot. It's actually quite fun. We're just always yelling at each other and fighting."

Dominic Purcell's "The Flash" character, Mick Rory/Heatwave, also has trouble with authority, but when Access spoke with him and Victor Garber, who plays Professor Stein/Firestorm, he said Heatwave's motivation to join's Rip's team is self-serving.

"The incentive for Mick Rory is just to steal anything and everything," Dominic said.

"Including my wallet," Victor added.

"Including your wallet. … Oh yes, and kill people," Dominic added.

For Victor's character, though, his Professor Stein sees Rip's offer as one of the greatest research opportunities to ever come along.

"My incentive basically, is to explore the realms of space and time as a nuclear physicist. That intrigues me – apparently even more than my wife," he quipped.

Mick Rory's partner in crime, Wentworth Miller's Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, comes at it from a different perspective when Rip makes his offer for the group to step up and be future heroes.

"I think he might distinguish between 'legend' and 'hero.' I don't think he has any ambitions in the hero department," Wentworth told Access. "He probably thinks that's not available to him actually, because he has come from the crime world.

"As far as being a legend, he probably already assumes that he is. [This] is just official," the actor laughed.

The characters from "Arrow" and "The Flash" will come together to form the group of heroes/legends, led by Rip. Access asked Arthur what makes his Time Master character the right person for the job of putting the group together.

"I'm not quite sure if he is the right person to assemble the team and this is kind of why everything is so dramatic. He's a person with a conscience and with a goal to save the world, but he's definitely taken it upon himself to do that," Arthur said. "It's a slight renegade move from him. He's got confidence in himself, but it doesn't necessarily work out how he has planned it to."

"I don't think anybody's ever the right person," Caity added. "It's just the person who's willing to step up and do it."

Arthur said Rip just fits the bill.

"I think he's courageous and foolish in equal measure, so I mean yeah, because he throws himself into it. That's why he's the right person," he said.

With the show kicking off on Thursday, there was one burning question to address with the cast – the small matter of the pile of dust Vandal Savage was reduced to in "The Flash"/"Arrow" crossover event last fall.

"Well, the thing is, Vandal can be restored from just a single cell or thing... and he can be resurrected from almost nothing, so I think that is going to happen," Casper said, with a smile. "That's why he's a legend, I guess. He comes back."

"DC's Legends of Tomorrow" premieres Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

-- Jolie Lash

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