Diddy On 'The Four: Battle For Stardom': It's Like 'Game Of Thrones'

Fox's new singing competition series – "The Four: Battle For Stardom" – kicks off on Thursday night on the network, and Sean "Diddy" Combs says his show is very different.

The show begins with four singers, who have to fight each week to keep their seat on the show from new, weekly challengers.

"[T]his show is different," Diddy said Thursday during Fox's portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Tour. "In the drop of a second you could just lose your seat. The other shows don't really have that personal combative nature where you could be at home watching the show, be on the show next week, call somebody out, take their seat, and all that happen within a matter of four or five minutes."

Diddy, who is a "panelist" (as opposed to judge/mentor/coach) on the show, alongside Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled and music executive Charlie Walk, went on to say that "The Four" is a new take on the music competition genre.

"[I]n a day and age where everybody's looking for something fresh and new, we're the fresh, new kids on the block and we're coming with a rambunctious, captivating entertaining energy," he said.

Later, the panelist went on to compare the show to HBO's epic fantasy drama.

"It's like 'Game of Thrones,'" he said, bringing up the challenge aspect of "The Four."

"And if you want to chop somebody's head off to get the seat, it has that vibe – not literally," he said to laughs.

Fergie is serving as host of the series and explained how she came to that role when she could have easily served as one of the show's panelists.

"It's weird. Life is so crazy how things work and what becomes, you know, a pathway that you didn't even see before that was coming to you. And it was perfect this year because in previous years I had hosted -- for 11 years -- 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest,' and this will be my first year that I wasn't hosting it. And then this huge, huge hosting opportunity came to me and I just thought it was – it was like a blessing, like I'm moving up," she said on the panel. "I learned from Diddy that I love to host a good party and this is definitely a party up here."

And like Diddy, she too compared "The Four's" concept to fantasy (film) series.

"It's great. I'm like in the middle -- the ring leader. I'm in the middle of this coliseum, this arena, and it's almost like 'The Hunger Games' a little bit, so its super fun to me," she said. "And I'm staring at this panel which is basically very, very tough and I'm with The Four, and I'm right in the middle of all the action. So it's a very exciting thing for me and a very new platform that I'm learning new things."

"The Four" premieres Thursday at 8/7c on Fox.

-- Jolie Lash

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