Dish Of Salt: Blogging From Inside The 2011 Golden Globes!’s Laura Saltman was inside the 2011 Golden Globes, catching all the action the cameras didn’t see!

7:38 PM PST -- Wrapping it up a few minutes early because baby Salt is kicking and I think he needs me to get some rest for my 3 AM wakeup call to chat with some NBC affiliates about the Globes tomorrow!

7:35 -- And the award for most social celeb at the Globes… Jeremy Renner, who is now chatting up Julia Stiles and “How I Met Your Mother’s” Jason Segel.

7:30 -- Carrie Underwood powders up in the bathroom. Although she doesn’t need it, she still looks stunning. Julianna Margulies jokingly tells a friend to “jump the line” which is about 10 ladies deep waiting for the lavs.

7:26 -- Colin Firth congratulates the “Glee” cast as they head out the door to the press room.

7:25 -- It’s a true family affair for “Modern Family” stars Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell and Sarah Hyland who share a laugh in the back of the room just after they lose to “Glee.”

7:14 -- Its a “Glee” supporting players gathering in the back of the room, as they wait to see if they won the GG! They did!! Cheerleader Becky, Coach Beiste, Harry, Sam, gossip blogger Jacob, closeted football bully Dave. Right before they win, Becky stops Jeremy Renner and then Tilda Swinton and tells her she is her biggest fan. So cute!

7:09 -- “Hung’s” Thomas Jane clearly has moved on from his broken marriage to Patricia Arquette. He walks around tightly grasping the hand of his young, brunette date.

7:07 — Dot Marie Jones, “Glee’s” Coach Beiste, hangs in the back with little Becky from the show. So cute!!! Dot tells her she is a “big shot” after several fans come up to say hello.

6:57 -- Commercial break and an announcer comes on asking as a courtesy people please return their seats as they are about to present the Cecil B. DeMille award to Robert De Niro. Sadly no one seems to oblige. Spoiled celebs can’t be tamed. Well, except for “30 Rock’s” Jack McBrayer — aka Kenneth — who rushes back to his seat.

6:54 -- Yay! So Happy for Jim Parsons. So sad that yet again I was out of the room when it actually happened. Apparently, my leaving is a good luck charm. Same thing happened at the Emmys too!

6:39 -- Brothers in baldness! Bruce Willis stops “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston to tell him he’s a fan. Of course, Bryan’s bald head is simply for the show.

6:37 — Jeremy Renner and ScarJo just can’t seem to stay in their seats tonight. She chats with Chris Noth by the bar. He hangs with an absolutely ravishing Milla Jovovich.

6:28 -- In the bathroom, Gabourey Sidibe checks herself out while waiting in line. Standing right behind her is Anne Hathaway who remarks to a friend “It’s fun. It’s a nice night” of the Globes so far.

6:17 -- Jon Hamm sweetly wipes something off the forehead of his girlfriend Jennifer.

6:14 -- Halle Berry pays no attention to the nominees as they are announced for Best Actor in a Miniseries. She chats with someone at her table. Even as Al Pacino is announced she continues to chat while everyone else claps.

6:10 -- Wow! Boredom may have set in. During a commercial break, tons of people get up from their seats to mill about - Julianna Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Julia Stiles among a slew of others.

5:57 -- “Dexter’s” Michael C. Hall meanders around. That red scruffy beard is yuck!

5:50 -- Scarlett Johansson laughs it up with Ryan Gosling at the bar.

5:45 -- Way too many smokers in Hollywood. Kevin Spacey, Ian McShane and Jeremy Renner all hang together chatting and puffing it up.

5:40 -- Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams are attached at the hip holding hands wherever they go including a trip to the ladies room.

5:35 -- Johnny Depp is ushered through the crowd with help from security guards. He, so far, is the only celeb in the ballroom who needs an escort.

5:33 -- Back from a break and for some reason Ryan Gosling just hangs out and stands in the back taking in all the action. Mark Wahlberg walks to the back of the ballroom and takes out his cell phone. He puts an ear set in like he is about to make a phone call but the second Steve Buscemi wins for “Boardwalk Empire” he puts the phone away and runs back to his seat.

5:30 -- Second commercial break and Robert Pattison heads out for a smoke but first gets accosted by some young fans for photos.

5:27 -- A shocked Chris Colfer wins for “Glee.” Earlier on the red carpet, he told me in elementary school he used to pass out ballots for the Globes.

5:16 -- First commercial break and it’s a mad dash to the bathroom. Steve Carell looking rather handsome in his tux is among the stars who can’t hold it.

5:13 — Peg Bundy - aka Katey Sagal - wins Best Actress for “Sons of Anarchy.” On Friday her fellow nominee in the category. Piper Perabo (“Covert Affairs”) told me she was positive Katey would win. She was right.

5:12 -- Christian Bale is played off by music during his acceptance speech. Cameras cut away and he yells “Look at that, that’s Robert De Niro sitting right there, holy sh**!!”

5:00 -- Show starts and “The Big Bang Theory’s” Johnny Galecki is the last famous face to rush to his seat.

4:56 -- Jane Krakowski runs into “30 Rock” guest star Jon Hamm looking dapper in his tux.

4:55 — Justin Bieber runs into Diddy and they say a friendly hello. Paparazzi run over frantically trying to catch a shot of the musical duo. Diddy walks off just minutes before his ex girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, walks by with her husband Marc Anthony. Could have been an awkward moment.

4:54 -- Halle Berry gets ushered to her seat inside the ballroom and nearly gets trampled by a waiter carrying a tray full of food.

4:53 – “Mad Men” red headed beauty Christina Hendricks can’t find her seat. She comes back minutes later looking very upset. Perhaps she doesn’t like her tablemates!?

4:45 -- With 15 minutes until show, Jane Lynch and Lea Michele head to their seats just in time for dessert.

4:35 — Just arrived into the ballroom to scarf down some food before the big show. I’m not alone. About half the celebs who were on the red carpet early are already in their seats.

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