Dish Of Salt: Blogging The Golden Globes Red Carpet!’s Laura Saltman and Jeremy Blacklow are live on the Golden Globes red carpet, catching up with all the stars as they arrive!

4:51 PM PST — Sofia Vergara’s Access Social Network update on the red carpet: “I’m having the time of my life!”

Jesse Eisenberg: “I’ll pay you if I win tonight”

Steve Carell: “ufgy8jdfhgrhgsjjkdgdgyt” (Seriously)

Aaaand…. we’re wrapped! The Dish is hustling inside to get her seat inside of the ceremony. Let the Globes games begin!!!

4:45 -- Things slow down for a moment. Shaun’s with Jesse Eisenberg. Robert Downey Jr. stops quickly for Billy.

Claire Danes is wearing the most beautiful color of pink. She’s in a great mood talking with Shaun now. Hugh’s not doing interviews, just letting her shine.

Billy introduces Tina Fey to Jesse Eisenberg.

Oh wait, I spoke too soon… not slowing down… Here comes Halle and James Franco, Steve Carell, Busy Phillips and Michelle Williams.

Franco tells Shaun he’ll be taking hosting notes tonight. He says he thinks ABC’s planning to air his next “General Hospital” episode the day after the Oscars. He’s excited to do his party to help save the soaps.

Franco, Michelle Williams and Busy all greet each other warmly.

Diddy heads straight to our fashion platform.

Amy Adams and Jon Hamm arrive.

Anne Hathaway, Annette and Warren!

4:34 – Brangelina arrive! Doing no interviews! Crowd goes nuts!

Mila Kunis… Wow! So gorgeous!!

Emerald green is the color of the night!!!! Angelina… Catherine Zeta Jones… Mila Kunis - WIN!!!!

4:28 -- Wow Michael Douglas stayed with Billy for like 10 minutes!!! Now he’s walking and the crowd is going NUTS!!!

Sofia Vergara is with Shaun.

I am now standing directly next to Robert Pattinson as Shaun interviews him. Jealous Felidette?!

4:25 — The Biebs is VERY excited to see Maria!! Billy is wearing Biebs’ purple glasses.

The Janes cometh! Krakowski and Lynch arrive at same time!

Krakowski and Dish compare baby bumps too! They compare kicking stories (Jane says hers just started!). “I’m thrilled that it’s happened,” Jane says of her pregnancy!

Lynch waves her wife, Lara, up to do her interview with her! So cute together!

Sandra Bullock! Wow! She doesn’t stop for interviews!

Zachary Levi jokes with Dish that he’s totally the baby daddy! He’s nominated for “Tangled.” He says he grew up doing musical theater… Who knew? He says a musical episode of “Chuck” would be fun!

Michael Douglas heads straight for Billy. Catherine is ravishing in emerald green! The color of the night!

Ed O’Neill’s Access Social Network update: “good luck modern family”

Justin Bieber’s Access Social Network update: “swag”

4:15 – Billy is with Carrie Underwood and Shaun is with Jakey G - wow! Some serious star power now!

Matthew Morrison comes right over to Dish and says “NOWWW we gots some explainin’ to do!!!” She asks about “Glee” and he just says, “Whatever, lets talk about the baby!” He’s very excited for Baby Dish!!

Matthew’s VERY excited to talk Steelers too when he learns Laura is from Pittsburgh.

Natalie Portman’s with Billy who has a white swan baby tutu for her!! She loves it!

Guy Pearce is very handsome in person - he’s here for “The King’s Speech.”

Eric Stonestreet’s Access Social Network Update: “I’m not the first here this year”

Uh oh here comes the Biebs!!!

4:04 -- Andrew Garfield’s status update at our platform: “Jesse you owe me 200 bucks for the zip lining trip. Actually pesos.”

Alec Baldwin: “Billy, I can’t believe you’re watching the Jets game right now”

Julie Bowen just writes: “Sweaty underwear”

4:01 -- Steve Buscemi tells Dish that the only person he hasn’t worked with in Hollywood that he really wants to work with still is Ricky Gervais

Alec Baldwin is with Billy. Dianna Agron is with Shaun… she looks amazing tonight.

Kevin McHale from “Glee,” is with the Dish now. He asks how she always knows more about what’s happening than they do. He looks dapper in a polka dot coat.

Matt Bomer looks dashing. He’s talking with Shaun.

Ricky Gervais! The host is in the house!

The whole “Walking Dead” cast sees each other for the first time with the Dish! It’s their first time so they’re so excited to be here. They’re nominated for Best Drama. So, how will they take the show to the next level? Andrew Lincoln says “You just do what Frank Darabont says.”

Jeremy Renner’s with Shaun. No sunglasses. I guess he only wears them indoors!

And for the second year in a row, Julie Bowen admires my shoes. :)

Heather Morris with Naya Rivera with the Dish. They’re excited to be dressed up tonight.

Chris Colfer comes over to talk with Dish. He says he used to pass out Golden Globe prediction ballots in elementary school. He talks about how much he loves “Modern Family” - says it’s one of the only shows that makes him LOL.

Lea Michele is pretty in pink.

3:38 — Coach Beiste just found out that she’s going to sing in an upcoming episode. It’s gonna be a “kind of a honky tonk thing” - a duet with Matthew Morrison!

3:36 -- Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s real life sister) says the movie with the most buzz on Facebook right now is “Black Swan.” She’s very proud of her brother’s recent philanthropy. She’s pregnant too (5 months!). That’s Mark Zuckerberg’s nephew!

Mark Salling has his mohawk back. Jayma Mays is just the sweetest. Dish explains that “Grey’s Anatomy” is gonna do a musical episode inspired by “Glee,” and she says maybe we should do an episode where we’re all doctors!

Jim Parsons! The Dish’s favorite interview! He says he loves the Globes because of the casual set up. Reacts to JJ Abrams’ cameo. He said he must have gotten “Lost” on the way to the set. Cute. “There’s a part for anyone in the world of science!”, Jim explains.

Armie Hammer greets Billy Bush with the biggest shout out! We take him to our Social Network station. His update? “Doesn’t everybody, especially my wife, look ravishing?”

OMG here comes Coach Beiste!!!!

3:21 -- Chris Hemsworth is with Dish now. He says his wife looked as beautiful as he thought she would at their recent wedding. He’s presenting tonight with Chris Evans. Captain America and Thor!!

Sarah Hyland of “Modern Family.” Her necklace is amazing! Says she found her dress quite easily. Reacts to rumors that the kids are gonna walk in on mom and dad having sex on the show. Dish asks which kid walks in? She says “I’m one of them!”

Kaley Cuoco didn’t know Dish was pregnant and she gives the biggest reaction!!! It’s her first Globes! Hers and Baby Dish’s!!! She’s presenting tonight. Very excited that they were just picked up for three more years!!

Our Social Network gimmick is awesome! Edie Falco was the first status update. She wrote “mommy” - not sure what in reference to. Scott Caan wrote “Billy gfy”

3:14 -- Next Dish with Diane Warren, whose up for Best Song tonight for “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” (sung by Cher) from “Burlesque.”

And, Mike O’Malley from “Glee” is here early. It’s his first Globes. Dish asks if his marriage to Finn’s mom will last. He says he certainly hopes so. Dish asks why he hasn’t sang yet. He says that he would but they just haven’t asked him yet.

Gia Mantegna, Miss Golden Globe, looks ravishing. She’s so excited to be doing her first red carpet interview with the Dish!!

Johnny Galecki heads straight for the Dish! The “Big Bangers” do love her!!! He says he based his character, Leonard, somewhat upon a mix of a JJ Abrams and a meerkat. He’d love to get Bill Gates on too. He says Woz has visited the set several times.

Darren Criss has awesome bright pink glasses on. The Dish grabs them and tries them on right away. Wow, he’s so charming. He says he feels so fortunate to be here tonight. Dish asks how the romance will blossom with Kurt. He plays coy. But does say, “There is something that is definitely going to start to develop.”

Next up… Kaley Cuoco!

3:12 -- The Dish is with creators and two actors from “The Big Bang Theory.” They say their dream guest star would be Bill Gates. They also are dying to get JJ Abrams. They almost had Steve Wozniak but he chickened out.

Chuck Lorre, who was amongst them (he created “Two and a Half Men” too), would NOT talk about Charlie Sheen.

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