Dolly Parton Reveals Secrets To 45 Years Of Marriage

Country superstar and actress Dolly Parton and husband Carl Dean are rarely publicly seen together, but Dolly opened up about her marriage of 45 years on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live.

“He saw me walking outside of the Wishy Washy Laundromat the day I got to Nashville and that was in 1964. Two years later, we were married and I always make jokes of course that it’s been wishy washy ever since, but it’s worked,” the “Joyful Noise” star told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. “It was his first marriage and mine, I’m sure it’ll probably be the last.”

The happy couple, who will celebrate 46 years together in May, understands the importance of spending time apart.

“We’re good friends first of all, and we knew each other before I got to be a star, so it’s not like one of those where I have to worry that he loves me for some other reason than what we loved each other for [initially],” she explained. “He’s very kind, very understanding, crazy, funny, witty. He’s a homebody… I have my freedom. He likes to stay at home and he doesn’t want me in his face all the time and I don’t want to be in it, so it works good!”

Adding, “We’re very different and they say opposites attract… we respect each other’s space and we like each other a lot.”

As for her big screen partner, “Joyful Noise” co-star Queen Latifah, the 65-year-old star said they grew to be close friends while filming their feel-good choir comedy.

“She was just so warm and friendly. We were like sisters and we got along great we both have a warped sense of humor,” she told Billy and Kit. “We both like to have a good time… it actually turned into a better friendship than I thought it might.”

“Joyful Noise” opens in theaters today.

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