Dr. Andy Baldwin’s Marathon Run For Charity! (Healthy Hollywood)

You might recognize him as one of America’s favorite bachelors. Dr. Andy Baldwin captured many a ladies’ heart and fantasy when he appeared on the ABC reality show.

But, he’s so much more than a former reality star!

Healthy Hollywood had to read over his resume a few times to really absorb all that he is! He’s a Navy officer, a family doctor, a humanitarian, a magna cum laude graduate from Duke, a triathlete and the list goes on.

In other words, he’s too good to be real, right? Nope! Healthy Hollywood got a chance to meet up with him. And, Dr. Andy didn’t disappoint!

He’s super smart, sexy and down-to-earth. And, he’s here in New York City to run his fifth ING NYC Marathon on Sunday. It will be his 47th altogether.

“I am a non-music runner. Nobody can bother me exercising. I just get into the zone and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other,” Dr. Andy says. “I just listen to the ambient sounds of nature that are going by so I don’t like to have music playing. This is first year I haven’t run a marathon a weekend before or done something crazy.”

I am in awe of athletes and especially those who can run a marathon (it’s on my bucket list).

“My forte is triathlons. I grew up swimming and running and doing the biking thing. I ended up doing Iron Man a host of times,” reveals this natural born athlete.

Yet, Dr. Andy, 36, is the type of guy who not only runs to compete but also for dual causes. Since November is American Diabetes Month, this family doc will race to spread message about the disease through his “Kick It to the Curb” campaign. He will also run to support Camp Interactive, a New York City based group that helps bring technology education to inner-city kids.

“I really want to use the marathon as a platform and showing that I’m going out and promote it that is real reason I run. I know I can do a marathon. I know I can get through it. But, to continue to have an active lifestyle and participating in these athletic events is really what I believe as physician needs to be part of our daily behavior, one that’s ingrained in our psyche,” adds Baldwin.

In addition, Dr. Andy has signed on to be a Nutrisystem ambassador. He hopes to use this weight loss plan to inspire everyone to get on a healthier eating track. In his San Diego based practice, he reveals an increasing number of his patients have diabetes and many cases can be avoided and reversed through better eating.

So, what does the good doctor eat the night before his big run? “I am a creature of habit. Since I was little kid, my mom would make me spaghetti the night before a swim meet or race. So, I will always find a pasta restaurant and have a nice big plate of pasta the night before.”

For more on Dr. Andy and all his do-good causes, check out www.andybaldwin.com. Also, check out Nutrisystem’s diabetes eating plan and tips and at www.nutrisystem.com.

-- Terri MacLeod

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