Dr. Drew Wants To Apologize To Lindsay Lohan

Dr. Drew Pinksy told Access Hollywood that he hoped to apologize to Lindsay Lohan this weekend about comments he made about the 23-year-old in April, where he suggested she should be arrested.

Access’ Shaun Robinson caught up with the doctor behind “Celebrity Rehab” on Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards in LA, where Lindsay was also in attendance. Dr. Drew explained that he was hoping to see Lindsay on Saturday at KROQ’s 2010 Weenie Roast concert in Irvine, Calif., to offer his apology.

“We were at the same concert at the same time and she didn’t show up,” Drew said of Saturday’s concert. “I was looking for her. I wanted to kind of reach out and try to…I don’t know her and actually make a contact.”

Dr. Drew explained that he hoped to make amends for his recent comments about the actress, where he said she needed time behind bars in order to get her into rehab.

“I’d apologize if I caused her any stress or any discomfort. That was not my intention at all,” he said of his comments about Lindsay in April. “She suggested that I’ve done things that she didn’t like and that was certainly not my intent.”

Lindsay arrived at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a pantsuit that concealed her SCRAM ankle bracelet, which monitors alcohol intake, something that Dr. Drew warned was not a cure for addiction.

“A SCRAM can keep people contained for long periods of time…these things help people contain their behaviors. But they only contain it for a period of time. They don’t cure anything,” he told Shaun. “And by the same token she could be on medication that could suppress her addiction as well… They can make her look good for awhile but it’s still something needs to be more thoroughly treated if that’s indeed what’s going on with her, which I don’t know.”

As for reports that Lindsay was asked to be on his VH1 reality show, “Celebrity Rehab,” Dr. Drew said it’s highly unlikely that Lindsay would appear.

“I don’t think there’s much chance. I know she was approached by our producers but I don’t think there’s any chance at that,” he explained. “We’re going to start in July it looks like. It’s challenging to get people all at once to come in and get treatment.”

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