Dr. Phil: ‘I Didn’t Smell Any Alcohol’ On Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan’s appearance on Monday’s “Dr. Phil” has many wondering why the mother of Lindsay Lohan appeared so erratic during the interview and Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover spoke to Dr. Phil McGraw about the buzzed-about sit-down.

“I thought she was really nervous and I didn’t smell any alcohol on her or anything of that nature,” McGraw told Kit, when asked about her behavior on his Season 11 kick-off show.

“Did you think drugs or medication?” Kit asked.

“I don’t know because this is the first time I met her,” he explained. “I don’t know what her baseline is. I know she was clearly agitated.”

During the interview, Dina has a slew of eye-raising moments that included crying, flipping the bird and quips like, “You’re like in your little tie, your little shoes” and “So we’re friends? Nice shoes. I like them by the way. Can we pound that? Oh, no. OK,” while attempting to fist-bump with the talk show host.

When Dina is asked about her daughter’s past arrests and rehab stints, she says, “If she was living in New York, five of them would be obsolete.”

(See a clip from the Dina interview, HERE.)

McGraw told Kit that Dina knew exactly what to expect with the line of questioning before cameras began rolling.

“I wanted to talk about who she really is because her theory is the media has one glimpse of her, one little slice of who she is, so she said I want to come and tell my side of the story and present who I really am,” the talk show host explained. “I met with her briefly before the interview… because she said she was very nervous and at least wanted to meet me ahead of time, which I typically don’t do, but I said, ‘Well, OK sure I will,’ and she was nervous… we started and the first series of questions came where a sound bite answer didn’t serve, I think she got really nervous.”

Does McGraw have any advice for Dina and her family moving forward?

“I think the family has had a tremendous amount of turmoil and I think anytime you live with that amount of chaos you can always benefit from help,” he told Kit. “I don’t know what all is going on with her because that’s my first time sitting down with her, but I would certainly offer her the resource she needs to get any help that she thinks may benefit her.”

On Tuesday, Billy Bush spoke to Michael Lohan, who alleges that Dina was in an altered state during the interview.

“I’m an addiction specialist… I’m telling you now Dina was drinking based on the slurring of her speech, obviously on a sedative… that’s why she was so jittery,” Michael — who also appeared on the “Dr. Phil” episode — told Billy.

Michael also alleged that Dina was paid for the interview.

“She got $50,000… I got absolutely nothing,” Michael said. “I was told that… [by] someone inside production.”

Adding, “[This was] not only a desperate move for cash, but she wants sympathy from people… It’s a pity party.”

Access Hollywood reached out to Dina on Tuesday, but the Lohan matriarch was not immediately available for comment.

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