Dr. Phil Talks Nick Gordon Intervention: An Interview Wasn't An Option

Dr. Phil sat down with Nick Gordon for an interview, but it quickly turned into an intervention and ended with Nick reportedly heading to rehab.

Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson spoke with Dr. Phil to find out exactly what happened, during the interview which was intended to discuss the Bobbi Kristina Brown situation.

"I went in to Atlanta to do an interview with Nick Gordon and wound up doing an intervention with Nick Gordon, because when I get there I found out that – and I learned this from his lawyers who truly have his best interest at heart – they tell me that he is so high, so out of control, abusing alcohol and apparently Xanax," he told Shaun. "They're concerned for his very life, his very well-being and so much so that the ability to sit down and do an interview with him. His ability to sit down and give an interview is just not an option.

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"It stops the interview because of an intervention. He is now in rehab," he continued, adding that the "Dr. Phil Show" is providing financial support for Nick's rehab.

When asked if Nick if is in rehab for alcohol and prescription drugs, Dr. Phil said toxicity screens are pending.

"They will do the drug screens the tox screens, all of that when they get there, and find out what is in his system, what he needs to be detoxified from," he said. "And once we arrange for someone to go in to treatment, then we step back and let those professionals do their jobs."

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As for rumors Nick attempted suicide twice, Dr. Phil couldn't confirm.

"I don't reliably know…. He's talked about not wanting to go on, because of his pain. He says the pain that he has suffered from, the death of Whitney, the situation that Bobbi Kristina finds herself in, the guilt he says he feels over letting them down because it's his job – he felt— to protect them," he said. "And it was certainly, he said, his job to protect Krissy."

Did the 25-year-old punch two of Dr. Phil's employees, as reported?

"Let me tell you, from the time I started interacting with him, he was so animated that he would be talking for a minute and then he would jump up and run out of the room and [was] knocking people out of the way and pushing people out of the way," he said. "So I suspect he had contact with more than two people there. That wouldn't surprise me in the least."

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Dr. Phil said he still hasn't heard Nick's version of what happened to Bobbi Kristina.

"That was the whole purpose of going in, to talk to him about how he feels and what he thinks is going on and all of the history about this whole situation," he said. "What I'm telling you is, I get there, he is not capable of giving an interview. He is out of control."

The host also offered his thoughts on Nick's mother, Michelle.

"I met his mother for the first time in Atlanta. Absolutely lovely woman. She is very credible," he said. "She is, I think, very concerned about her son."

If Nick's time in rehab is successful, and he's coherent enough to participate in an interview, Dr. Phil said he welcomes the chance to try again.

"I want him to sit down, clear-eyed, sober, focused, and answer some very genuine and focused questions about what he knows and how he feels about it," he said.

Access Hollywood reached out to Nick’s representatives, but they have not yet responded to our requests for comment.

-- Erin O'Sullivan

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