Ed Helms Talks ‘Insane’ ‘Hangover 2’; Casts Doubt On Bill Clinton Cameo

“The Hangover 2” won’t hit theaters for a few months, but Ed Helms said fans are in for another rip-roaring batch of hilarity from the gang on May 26.

“You gotta see it. It’s like, it’s insane… It’s insane!” Ed told AccessHollywood.com at NBC Universal’s portion of the Television Critics Association Winter 2011 Session party on Thursday night in Pasadena, Calif., which he attended alongside his “The Office” cast mates.

Ed, who confirmed the sequel to the 2009 hit comedy wrapped up shooting last week, revealed that it was tough to film the adventure, as the cast and crew spent two manly months shooting overseas, in a tropical, sweat-inducing climate. The results, he said though, were worth the cost.

“This movie was so hard to make because working in Thailand is so hot, it’s all guys, real like, aggressive, hard energy. It’s like 95 degrees, 95 percent humidity all the time, but it’s awesome, you know what I mean? It’s like intense and hi-lar-i-ous,” he said.

According to reports, the plot for “The Hangover 2” is expected to hinge around Ed’s character Stu Price, as the gang – Bradley Cooper’s Phil Wenneck and Zach Galifianakis’ Alan Garner – celebrate his bachelor party in Thailand. While being what he called “cryptic” about the storyline, Ed did tell Access that “The Hangover 2” isn’t all about his dentist character.

“There are narrative devices that hang around Stu, but it’s… not Stu’s movie,” Ed explained. “It is Alan and like Mike [Tyson] and everybody — the whole gang.”

The actor said the former heavyweight champ, who returns for a cameo, was “like an iron teddy bear” on set.

As for the other celebrity who reportedly filmed a cameo for the film – President Bill Clinton – Ed told Access with a straight face that he thinks it is unlikely that the former Commander in Chief will make it to the big screen.

“Ah, I don’t know about that,” Ed replied when asked about Clinton appearing in the film.

When asked to clarify whether Bill is actually in the film, Ed said straight-faced, “I don’t know. I’d be surprised if he’s in the movie.”

Ed did confirm, however, that Clinton stopped by the set.

“It was just literally like they stopped by the set ‘cause they were in [Thailand],” he said.

While he cast doubt on the rumored Clinton cameo, Ed did confirm some news for the ladies – both he and Bradley will be showing off their torsos.

“I do,” Ed replied, when asked if Bradley gets shirtless. “I think you might see an ab or two, a Cooper ab or two.”

With “The Hangover 2” having wrapped up, Ed revealed he’s heading to the Sundance film festival later this month with another comedy – “Cedar Rapids.” The film, which also stars Anne Heche and Sigourney Weaver, pits “The Office” actor as a small town man who ends up on a big adventure.

“It’s about a guy from a tiny town in Wisconsin, 300 people, he’s never left and he’s forced to attend an insurance convention in Cedar Rapids,” Ed explained. “He goes to Cedar Rapids and he’s terrified of the big city and he’s completely overwhelmed by what to most people would be considered a very Podunk insurance convention. He’s like absolutely in over his head mortified [and he kind of has] a crazy eye-opening experience.”

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