Ethan Hawke Talks Missing Out On ‘Titanic,’ Sequel To ‘Before Sunset’

Ethan Hawke is glad he missed out on a starring role in the second biggest film of all time – “Titanic.”

In a recent interview with the UK’s Telegraph newspaper, the actor admitted he tried out for the role as stowaway Jack Dawson, but after seeing Leonardo DiCaprio, not long after the movie came out in 1997, he felt a sense of relief.

“I sat there watching him and it was like watching a Beatle. The closest thing I’ve ever come to that frenzy. All the girls wanted to f*** him and all the guys wanted to fight him,” Ethan told the newspaper. “I went to myself, ‘Wow man, I’m glad I didn’t get that part.’”

He also felt a twinge of disappointment too.

“But you know, secretly, I couldn’t help thinking that if I had got it maybe I could have lived exactly the life I wanted to. That I would never have had to worry about my career. Damn DiCaprio!’” he told the paper with a grin. “Damn that kid!”

While he missed out on the love story between Jack and Rose in “Titanic,” Ethan told Britain’s Independent newspaper that the romance between Jesse and Celine from 1995’s “Before Sunrise” and 2004’s “Before Sunset,” will continue thanks to his discussions with writer/director Richard Linklater.

“I know Rick and Julie [Delpy] and I will do something else together,” Ethan said. “We’re always emailing each other with ideas.”

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