Former ‘Idols’ Sound Off On Judges’ New Veto Power

When Michael Johns was eliminated from last season’s “American Idol” during week five there was a collective gasp of shock. An early favorite (especially among female fans) John’s rendition of “Dream On” by Aerosmith, while not his best performance, certainly didn’t deserve to get him the Idol boot. Johns is just the type of person this new judges’ “save” is hoping to help. When host Ryan Seacrest last week explained the new rule he invoked the names of Johns and other former contestants - Chris Daughtry, Tamyra Gray and Jennifer Hudson who all were suddenly sent home with the lowest number of votes.

So, you would think that Johns would find this new rule to be a fantastic addition. In fact, he finds it just the opposite.

“I personally don’t really dig it that much. As someone that was the shock value and it would have helped I don’t really think its necessary,” he told correspondent Laura “Dish of Salt” Saltman backstage at a taping of Fox Reality Channel’s “American Idol Extra.”

Johns continued, “I think that’s the drama of Idol isn’t it? That sometimes America gets it right. Sometimes they get it wrong. You gotta vote for the people you love.”

Brooke White, also from season seven, agreed with Johns’ summation.

“In some ways things play out for a reason and you just take it for what it is.”

Laura also spoke to several season six contestants about the new veto power as the rehearsed for, “American Stars In Concert: Spring Break”

Phil Stacey, who was part of a double elimination with Chris Richardson two seasons ago, has his theory on how it will play out this season.

“Basically what they are saying is don’t vote Adam Lambert or Danny Gokey out cause if you do they will get saved. Paula wants to see them in the finale. So they will save them,” Stacey said. “I don’t know that it’s going to change the way America votes or the way the judges vote to be honest. For the most part America agrees with Simon Cowell.”

Gina Glocksen didn’t mince words on her feelings.

“I personally think it’s stupid.”

Glocksen believes “Idol” should instead take a page from judge Randy Jackson’s MTV show, which he executive produces, “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

“I love how they eliminate. They have the bottom two. America votes for the bottom two and then the judges watch them perform for their lives and then the judges choose.”

Stacey and Glocksen are currently on a fourteen-city national spring tour with fellow season six contestant Melinda Doolittle and season seven’s Chikeze.

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