FROM THE NEWS DESK: Suri’s Birthday, Rosie Cruise Trouble

By McKay Heim and George Larrimore

BIRTHDAY ON THE BAYOU: Little Suri Cruise spending her 1st birthday in Louisiana where mom Katie Holmes is making a movie. Marla “Mo” Gilgrease, our news hawk at KTAL in Shreveport, Louisiana, tells us Katie Holmes and baby Suri have moved into a home in a swanky section of Shreveport while she’s in the area shooting the movie ‘Mad Money’ (with Queen Latifa and Diane Keaton). And the people who own the house have moved out until filming is finished. And from what we’re hearing Shreveport has become a real nice place to work, where the Hollywood elite can come and go without a lot of hassles from star-crossed locals. Jude Law and Siena Miller got very relaxed there we are told.

THE CROSSBAR HILTON: An L.A. judge today told celeb-utante Paris Hilton to come on down to the courthouse on May 4th and he’ll decide whether or not to send her to jail. It’s pretty clear she violated her probation (resulting from a reckless driving case) by driving around on a suspended license and that could net her 90 days behind bars. The Heiress was not present for today’s action but a lot of reporters were, including ours, along with a lot of lawyers.

EPISODE PULLED: Fox today decided to pull tomorrow night’s episode of ‘Bones’ off the air out of sensitivity over the shootings at Virginia Tech. The episode dealt with human remains found on a college campus. With all the hand-wringing over the shootings, it will be interesting to see which of the networks is willing to take a serious look at handguns and how easily they can be obtained, especially in easy-to-comply states such as Virginia. Going up against the Big Gun interests is not an easy position to take, for a network or a politician.

CRUISING PAST BERMUDA: Word today that Rosie’s gay family cruise set to depart NY in July will skip Bermuda as a port of call because of possible anti-gay protesters. The cruise will instead make a couple of stops in more gay friendly Florida, despite assurances from officials on Bermuda that everybody aboard would be welcome.

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