Gabrielle Carteris Opens Up About Her Debilitating Injury

"Beverly Hills 90210" put Gabrielle Carteris on the map, but two years ago, she suffered a debilitating injury while filming a TV movie. The reported nerve damage caused uncontrollable spasms and today, she reveals never-before-heard details about the incident that changed her life.

Gabrielle claims, to this day, she suffers from massive spasm attacks following an injury that happened on the set of "Past Tense," a Lifetime movie shot two years ago.

"It is frustrating and I have gone through [times] where I felt really angry," Gabrielle told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson of the ordeal.

In a personal home video, Gabrielle recorded herself just a month after the accident saying, "I spasmed earlier. I spasm everyday. But in the hot tub, [it] made it more."

Gabrielle wanted to document her painful experience so people would believe her and the extent of her injury.

She claims she was hurt while filming a scene where she is being choked by an attacker.

"So what happened was he kept pulling up on me to where I couldn't even speak," Gabrielle recounted of the incident. "At one point during the rehearsal he went to do it again I said, ‘Just don’t touch me, just stop.’"

"Because he was pulling up on your neck?" Shaun asked.

"And then he had to drag me down stairs," Gabrielle said.

"Did you feel your neck pop?" Shaun asked.

"There was no popping," Gabrielle explained. "I just started getting this headache — it was a really bad headache, and I couldn't feel my hands. I was feeling really tired and I said, ‘I think something is wrong.’"

Gabrielle continued to film the project, but she claims her symptoms only got worse.

"On camera, my face just started to change," she said.

"You could actually see it?" Shaun asked.

"They saw it happening. They said, ‘Gabrielle, your eyes are not blinking together.’ It was like I became The Joker and then I started crying and I said, ‘I am so embarrassed,'" she recounted.

Gabrielle reportedly suffered nerve damage and has since filed a lawsuit against the film’s producers for placing her in "unreasonable risk of physical harm."

The producers have denied the allegations.

Gabrielle credits her husband, Charles, and their two children, 13-year old Kelsey and 9-year-old Mollie, for helping her through these last two years.

And as she explained, it hasn’t been easy on them either.

"It has been a real challenge for my children," she said. "Mollie is like, ‘You will be OK mommy. I am going to take care of you,’ and she kisses me and she is always trying to fix it."

However, Gabrielle’s condition has improved. She now takes medicine, which controls the attacks, but she claims loud music, cold weather and physical activity on her left side, can still trigger the spasms.

"I am really working on coming to terms with [how] this might be apart of my life forever," she said.

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