Gene Simmons On Sophie Tweed-Simmons’ Post-X Factor Plans

Gene Simmons said his daughter, Sophie Tweed-Simmons, has already bounced back from her “The X Factor” elimination, which was revealed on this week’s show.

“She’s recording a song now that you’ll recognize,” Gene told Billy Bush and Kit Hoover on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live of what she’s done since the episode was filmed months ago.

“There’s an awful lot happening. She’s going out on auditions, just a lot of stuff happening. Nick’s [Gene’s son] filming a TV show up in Vancouver, [my wife,] Shannon’s launching her own TV show, work-- bring the money in! Go to work!” he laughed.

“The X Factor” fans were surprised in late September when Sophie hit the stage to audition for the Simon Cowell singing competition. She brought her parents, who were backstage, but tried not to reveal her famous heritage to the panel until Demi Lovato recognized the young singer, and Sophie reluctantly confirmed it on stage.

While Gene and Shannon were backstage as their daughter performed for the panel, it was a last minute appearance, and an unplanned one.

“That’s my Sophie. You push her into the deep end of the pool [and] nothing phases her. I will tell you that a short time before that, she called me in Las Vegas and said, ‘Hey dad, I’m auditioning for the show, would you fly up?’” Gene explained of how his appearance on the show happened. “I dropped everything, flew up there and all of a sudden, there’s cameras at ‘The X Factor.’”

The proud father said he is always delighted by his daughter.

“She [is]… just extraordinary and beautiful,” he said.

Gene, whose new album with his band KISS – “Monster” – will be released this coming Tuesday – said Sophie knows that despite getting knocked back from “X Factor,” she should carry on pursuing her dream.

“Striking out means nothing,” he said. “Life is a baseball game. You’re lucky to be living in America. You get handed the bat, you have no down, there’s no negative, just keep swinging the bat. Sooner or later you’ll hit it.”

-- Jolie Lash

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