Ginnifer Goodwin: There Will Be ‘A Lot More Butt Kicking’ In Once Upon A Time Season 2

“Once Upon A Time” returns for its second season on ABC this fall and at Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego on Saturday, Ginnifer Goodwin suggested Snow White is about to get even more fierce.

“There will be a lot more butt kicking,” she told of her character Snow/Mary Margaret, who along with the rest of the residents of Storybrooke, remembered their fairytale pasts in the Season 1 finale.

“There will be fight training involved,” she added. “We will be going back [on Sunday], so this week we will be getting things underway.”

And it’s only fitting that Snow gears up for a fight. At Comic-Con, producers revealed that Captain Hook was one of the new fairytale characters heading to Season 2.

“I’m ecstatic to meet Hook,” Ginnifer raved. “He is just such a good villain and I think that it could be interesting to see a villain like that who doesn’t… in our experience, have actual magical powers. It will be interesting to see how he steps up against the villains that we’ve already established.

“We have the Evil Queen and Mr. Gold as being very magical beings and Mr. Hook just has a hook, to the best of my knowledge,” she added.

Also joining the cast in Season 2 will be Jack and the Beanstalk and two fairytale heroines who have been cast – Jamie Chung as Mulan and Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty/Aurora.

“She’s lovely,” Jennifer Morrison, who plays Emma Swann, told Access at Comic-Con of Jamie, who she’s worked with before in film. “I’ve heard the most amazing things about Sarah… Really just heard over and over again that she’s just extraordinary, so I’m really excited to meet her.”

As for the current cast, expect the realization that Snow and Prince Charming/David are actually Emma’s mom and dad to play out heavily in the drama.

“I know that it’s going to be a big deal this season to explore what these parent relationships are and what it means to Emma that she was given up to save other people,” Jennifer told Access. “That’s a complicated thing to wrap your brain around, because you still feel like, ‘But I missed my life with you!’ So I think there’s gonna be some really complicated stuff that goes on between Snow and Emma, and also I think that there’s probably going be a little more romance going on, is my guess.”

And it sounds like that romance may be for Snow and Prince Charming – finally.

“Now that the curse has been broken, I think that we will all be more satisfied with the David/Prince Charming character,” Ginnifer said.

“I think that their relationship will continue to be titillating and we will still have all of the ladies and some of the men rooting for Prince Charming,” she added.

-- Jolie Lash

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