'Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce': Lisa Edelstein On Vegas, Will & The Window Scene

Janeane Garofalo as Lyla, Lisa Edelstein as Abby, Beau Garrett as Phoebe, Necar Zadegan as Delia in Bravo’s ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’ (Bravo)
Janeane Garofalo as Lyla, Lisa Edelstein as Abby, Beau Garrett as Phoebe, Necar Zadegan as Delia in Bravo’s ‘Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce’ (Bravo)

"Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce's" Abby McCarthy just can't catch a break.

Her marriage is over, and professionally, she's getting slammed by her author nemesis, Cleo Stephens, on morning TV. And after cutting short her budding relationship with young hunk Will (Why, Abby, why?) Lisa Edelstein's character needs a break.

So, it's off to Las Vegas in this week's episode of Bravo's first scripted drama for Abby and her gal pals – Phoebe (Beau Garrett), Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) and her divorce lawyer Delia (Necar Zadegan) – as she attempts to follow her latest rule: "When in doubt, run away!"

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But while nothing's more fun than some girl time, things can't really go smoothly in the newest episode, airing Tuesday at 10/9c can they? Access Hollywood turned to Lisa to find out, and to see how she felt about Abby saying goodbye to super-hot Will last week.

AccessHollywood.com: How you feel about the Will situation? I was so sad it didn't work out for them.
Lisa Edelstein:
Well… I think we might see more of Will again. A lot of people were mourning.

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Access: What was the reaction you heard [when Abby told him it wasn't going to work]?
I saw, just on Twitter, people were like, 'Nooooooo! Do it anyway. Who cares if you're ready.'

Access: It's funny that in her career, she's making big mistakes, but in romance, she's making smart decisions and putting herself first. Were you proud of Abby for making that decision with Will, making the adult choice?
Yeah, I mean, she has so much on her plate and I think what happened with Will was -- it just showed the sort of chaos that her life was in at that moment. It's hard to create more chaos when you're in chaos. The idea just becomes a huge burden rather than what could be like a fun, exciting romp. So, I think she made the only choice she could at that moment to sort of keep everybody from falling apart.

Access: In this week's episode, we're going to deal more with her nemesis (Cleo). What do you want to hint at about that?
Abby really starts to lose it because she's doing everything she can to be totally Zen about the situation, and really, this woman… it seems like she's doing everything that she can to try and make Abby fall to pieces. And she starts to, but I think the whole process of sort of falling apart and putting herself back together again continues to create the Abby that she will become, so it's all part of this longer process. She ends up having a really surprising weekend in Vegas. It's not what she expected at all.

Access: How so?
Well, she just gets into a conversation with a strange someone.

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Access: Phoebe and Lyla are having some issues. How bad is it going to get between those two?
In this episode, it comes to a real head. I think Lyla is having trouble with the world, not just with Phoebe, but she's sort of taking it out on her friends.

Access: Delia is starting to feel like a real part of the gang in the Vegas episode. Do you feel that way too?
I think this is where you start to see much more of her, and then, as the rest of the season goes, she is definitely part of the gang, as well as being my divorce attorney, and it's fun. I really like the interactions between her and Lyla. Delia and Lyla sort of have a really interesting moment. Lyla just has created a situation for herself where she's not good with anybody. Do you know what I mean? She's having trouble with everybody.

Access: Do you see a way for her to get out of her toxic life [situation]?
I don't know if she's in a state of mind to dig herself out. I think that's the real problem. A person who puts herself into that place, it's very hard for them to pull themselves out. You need help…

Access: I have to ask you about the very memorable window scene earlier this season. What was the reaction to that?
(Laughs) It was a hilarious scene to shoot. I was very lucky with the placement of the windowsill, 'cause it literally went right across my nipples. It was sort of like, 'Oh, look at that. That's good design!' Thank you, Jerry, who designed [it].

Access: Did it feel brave to do that scene?
Yeah. You know, by the time we got to the window, I had been dancing half naked around the house. The guys and gals that I work with are so lovely. I never felt unsafe. It was a good week to shoot that too because it was just a few weeks after I'd gotten married and had the flu, so you're never skinnier than those two things happening in a row (laughs). You're really ready for a bikini when that happens. Had it happened a month later, maybe I would've been a little more self-conscious, but at that point, I was like, 'You know, this is as good as it gets. It's never gonna be a better moment than this moment.'

Access: Stars of the other Bravo shows – have you met them? Have they said anything about 'GG2D'? I'm sure they're watching.
You know who Tweets all the time about it, which I love, is the 'Millionaire Matchmaker.' … She is so excited and she's genuinely psyched about the show. I love that. … Some of the 'Housewives' are very sweet and they Tweet about it, but I couldn't tell you which ones. I met some of them at our premieres. We had a premiere in New York and a premiere in LA and we had some really nice – one of the guys from 'Vanderpump Rules' was very sweet.

"GG2D" airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

-- Jolie Lash

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