Glam Slam: Bret Michaels Rocks!

Bret Michaels is having a moment. Or should I say another moment… the guy has had quite a few!

He and his iconic rocker look (Hello bandana! Hello long hair! Hello tats!) are the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s ‘80s rock god in “Rock of Ages” and the Poison song “Nothin’ But a Good Time” is featured in the film. Not too shabby.

Bret came in for Access Hollywood Live… and he visited our offices afterwards. Bret is the kind of guy who shakes everyone’s hand and stops and talks to and hugs everybody. I almost felt sorry for his team… getting him out of here probably wasn’t easy because he’s so friendly, he chats with everyone.

I showed Bret the black and white photo that’s pictured and asked if he remembered it. He sure did… and then some. That’s me interviewing Bret waaaaay back in the day at his home in Calabasas after a major California fire. He instantly knew where the photo was taken, where things were before they burned and he remembered taking our camera guy around to get some footage.

I also worked with Bret a few years ago on an hour special about “Music’s Most Outrageous” for Access Hollywood and we chatted about a group of us going out for a bite and a couple of drinks after taping the show. He remembered that the bartender told us that he lost his virginity to the Poison hit “Every Rose Has Its Thorn.” LOL! Bret has a memory like an elephant… he remembered such little details, it was amazing considering the sheer number of people he meets.

And that’s the thing about Bret. He’s a genuinely nice guy, who makes every person he’s talking to feel special. I love that he’s getting a lotta love these days… from Hollywood… from stars like Tom Cruise… from longtime fans and new ones too.

And besides, nobody rocks a bandana better!

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-- Ryan Patterson

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