Glam Slam: Got Grunge?

Apparently, “Grunge” is back. Really? Is that a good thing? Plaid flannel shirts, Dr. Martens, smudged makeup and smeared lipstick a la Courtney Love.

It wasn’t the most flattering look the first time around, what makes people think it will be different now?

I, for one, am not convinced. I wasn’t into Grunge back in the ‘90s and in my humble opinion; we do not need the “Grunge Moment” again. But then, I guess there have been people saying that about fads and trends as long as there have been fads and trends. Shoulder pads, platform shoes, bell-bottoms, mini skirts, maxi skirts, leggings and ‘80s neon colors. All have been revived and even reviled by some. Fashion is just one big old merry-go-round… things always seem to come back in style. Even dubious trends.

Like Grunge.

The July Women In Music issue of Elle dedicates a four-page spread to the ‘90s style, even breaking it down into Skater Grunge, Baby-Doll Grunge and Granny Grunge. “Take your pick, and we guarantee you’ll look smashing, pumpkin!”

The magazine says this time the look is “…more nuanced, layered, and glamorous than the original…” and that designers have put a “luxe spin” on it. I’ll say. It’s very luxe. Proenza Schouler’s tough chic and very Dr. Marten-esque boot will set you back nearly 1,400 bucks! Lanvin silver safety pins with crystal detail are $625!

Hmmmm, maybe my memory of the ‘90s is a little hazy, but wasn’t grunge originally about thrift store style? About being anti-establishment and anti-fashion?

Meanwhile, the new August issue of Marie Claire features a beauty spread on how to get the look of Grunge 2.0 saying this version is “cleaned-up heroin-chic.”

I’m sorry, but I do not want to look “heroin-chic,” even if it IS cleaned up. Let’s not forget, it’s called GRUNGE. Not “classic chic” or “ladylike” some other more flattering feminine description, it’s GRUNGE. The intention was never about looking polished or beautiful.

There will always be fashion rebels and maybe because I’m not really one of them, I just don’t “get it.” You will never see me in intentionally smeared lipstick and eye makeup and I’m just not a baby doll dress and ripped tights kinda girl. Even if I was 20, I would not be into this. I’m not sure if Grunge 2.0 will catch on, but I will definitely be sitting this one out. Again.

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