Glam Slam: Inside Elizabeth Taylor’s (Pink!) Movie Trailer!

OMG! OMG! OMG! HOW cool is this? We had Elizabeth Taylor’s genuine, real, authentic, original movie trailer from the set of her 1963 film “Cleopatra” on the NBC lot for our show, Access Hollywood Live.

First of all, I love that the trailer is pink. I love that it has her name painted on it. I also love that it’s from “Cleopatra,” which was quite the pivotal film for her – with it, Liz became the first actress ever to be paid $1 million dollars for a movie role. And of course, it’s where she and Richard Burton fell in love and carried on a scandalous love affair.

Pictures do not do this thing justice! It’s just so awesome to sit in the chairs where Elizabeth sat… to touch the things she touched. The furniture, fixtures and curtains are all original. There is rose-colored carpeting, hand-painted ceilings, and detailed crown moldings. Silk curtains separate the bedroom from the living area. The trailer also has a refrigerator and stove.

Personal photographs of “Liz and Dick,” as well as, dishes and plates that were props in “Cleopatra” can be found throughout.

Hand-painted murals decorate the walls in the bedroom, which original featured a round bed, and lots of Egyptian/Roman touches, which were supposed to help Taylor stay in character because she was apparently having a hard time remembering her lines.

There’s a bar, which seems so old school, so Liz and Dick. In addition to the bedroom, there’s a custom vanity table and bathroom with a phone, which was unheard back in the day. There is pink everywhere… it’s a very girly, very feminine space.

The 36-foot trailer was top of the line and cost a whopping $75,000, which translates into over $560,000 in today’s dollars. Premiere Props just put the trailer up for auction and it went for $51 thousand dollars!

What’s really fun to think about? The hours Elizabeth and Richard spent in this lavish trailer together. If these walls could talk! And to actually be there in the middle of her private hideaway and to see this piece of Hollywood history up close… was just too cool for words.

--Ryan Patterson

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