Glam Slam: Jillian Michaels’ Healthy Super Bowl Tips!

Whether your rooting for Green Bay or the Steelers, don’t let Super Bowl Sunday parties sack your healthy eating habits.

You can still have fun during the big game, but snack with less guilt thanks to these tips from “America’s Toughest Trainer,” Jillian Michaels.

1. Snacking Is A Hard Habit To Break… So Don’t!
Choose a healthier chip alternative like my favorite one, popchips, which are popped not fried and forego the fried unhealthy chips like Doritos and Cheetos.

2. Steer Clear Of Calorie-Filled Condiments!
It’s important to avoid high calorie condiments like ketchup and mayo. Instead, garnish your football fare with avocado and fresh organic veggies.

3. Watch Your Alcohol Consumption!
If possible, skip alcohol completely this Super Bowl Sunday or, at the very least, go with a light beer that is low in calories.

4. Guilt-Free Nachos!
Nachos and cheese are a staple of many game day fiestas. Instead of nachos drenched in cheese opt for sides of black beans, guacamole, fresh salsa and plain Greek yogurt with organic corn chips.

5. Choose A Healthier Burger!
For most, football Sundays go hand in hand with burgers. Instead of greasy, fatty meats go for a healthier option of lean grass fed or corn fed beef.

6. Buns That Won’t Send You Running For The Stairmaster!
Bread consumption is a major issue for most looking to lose weight and trim down in the New Year. This Super Bowl Sunday, substitute bleached white bread for whole grain buns when eating your game day sandwiches.

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