Glam Slam: Kristen and Reese’s Chic Up Dos!

My friend is visiting the East Coast and mentioned how the humidity is wreaking havoc on her hair. An up do can stylishly hide a multitude of hair sins and also help keep frizzy locks in control. Get some inspiration from two styles… Kristen Stewart’s loose, beachy up do and Reese Witherspoon’s classic, sleek hairstyle. Here’s how you can recreate both looks.


WHERE: “Cosmopolis” Premiere, Cannes, France

WHO: Hairstylist Giannandrea

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: “Modern romanticism.”

“I started with wet hair and then applied a lot of Kerastase Volume Mousse to the whole head. I blow dried the hair in all directions without a brush - just hot air. I then brushed the hair with a Mason Pearson Brush in order to gain a lot of volume. I then used a 1 inch curling iron and curled the whole head loosely. I used a small amount of Supremo Magic Move Soft Cream to give it a rich texture. The hair was twisted loosely and pinned in place in the back of the head, while the front part was given a bit of top volume, and the side were kept soft and loose to maintain the right proportion.

This style needs to be loosely messy in the back and not tight. The ends of the hair should form a cascading effect in the back, twisting straight pins into the hair to create separation. Spray with L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray to finish.”


WHERE: “Mud” Premiere, Cannes, France

WHO: Hairstylist Giannandrea

BEAUTY INSPIRATION: “The inspiration for Reese’s hair style was true classic elegance. A modern take on the French twist.”

“I started by blowing the hair with a large round brush just to give it simple volume. On the top part of the hair I added Kerastase Volume Active Mousse to have a good hold. The sides and back were just blown straight, and her bangs were softly blown out to the side. I added some Kerastase Ultime Elixir to create texture and separation, and I only used my hands to gather the hair, using the fingers to create separation. Absolutely no combs or brushes, or the hair will lose its depth.

Once the hair was gathered in my hands, I brought it all back and started to twist it into my thumb like as I would to create a classic French twist. But on each pin I added, I was creating a line in the back in order to have the effect of multiple twists – about four total. Once that was done I separated the bangs in soft leaf like shape sections with a deep side part. I finished by using hair spray to create the top separation and polish the sides for shine. The result was soft on the top and sleek sides, two different textures that combine modern and classic.”

--Ryan Patterson

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