Glam Slam: Lil’ Bit Country

This weekend, we made the 45-minute drive out to Moorkpark, Calif., for our annual trip to the ginormous pumpkin patch at Underwood Family Farms.

There’s no better way to get into the fall and Halloween spirit, I guarantee it!

There are fields with thousands and thousands of pumpkins. There are also tractors, corn mazes, non-stop country music and even pig races.

It’s my once-a-year dose of all things country.

I even saw a few guys dressing the part in plaid shirts, Wrangler jeans, leather belts with big metal buckles and cowboy hats. You don’t typically see a whole lot of cowboy hats out here in SoCal.

It’s not just urban cowboys the Fall Pumpkin Festival attracts though. Most folks are regular people, lots of families, obviously. But then there are the “Hollywood” types as well. We pulled into the dirt parking field behind a Maserati Quattroporte. (starting price $150,000). I saw a woman out in the pumpkin field with her very expensive Hermes Evelyne bag, as well as various other designer bags throughout the day.

More than a few women were dressed (or undressed?), for the occasion in what I can only guess must be their idea of “goin’ country.” Short daisy dukes paired with cowboy boots or, more often, motorcycle boots. I felt like I had walked into a casting call for a Maxim magazine shoot, or one of those hamburger chain commercials where the girls are washing cars half-naked in slow motion.

It’s a great place to people watch and get out of town for the day. Although Hollywood is never really far away. Even the pigs in the farm’s famed pig races are “so Hollywood.” They are named Christina Hog-uilera, Ham-a Montana and Lindsay Lo-ham.

Very Hollywood indeed.

-- Ryan Patterson

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