Glam Slam: Mommy-To-Be Must-Haves!

Congrats to Reese Witherspoon and Drew Barrymore, who both gave birth last week. They also both looked stylish throughout their pregnancies- not an easy feat!

Want to look fashionable while pregnant too? “Pregnant in Heels” star Rosie Pope, who is also the author of “Mommy IQ: Complete Guide to Pregnancy,” shares her maternity must-haves.

Maternity pants of some sort are a must—let your baby and your belly breathe! There are many different types of waistbands, so be sure to try on both under-the-belly and over-the-belly bands to figure out which is the most comfortable for you. Keep in mind that if you want these pants to last for most of your pregnancy, there should be ample stretch in the waistband to accommodate your growing belly. Also, make sure to sit down and see how they feel and be certain they are not digging into you anywhere—especially at the seams.

Once you’ve established the type of waistline your prefer (and there may be more than one, depending on whether you are going for a more dressed-up versus a casual look), invest in a great pair of jeans. You’ll probably spend most of your casual time in these. Most jeans are sized with your “pre-maternity” size, but don’t get your knickers in a twist if this doesn’t hold true for you. Buy what fits, and don’t get caught up with the letter or number on the label.

Ruched or extra-long tanks are a staple during pregnancy. They are great to layer at the office or at home, and I find them to be one of the most versatile pieces of a maternity wardrobe.

Even if you’ve never been a leggings girl, they can really come in handy while you’re waiting for the wee one to arrive. Do make sure they are thick enough — they should be opaque and have enough elastic that you feel comfortable wearing them as pants without feeling like everyone can see your lady bits!

Dresses can be über-comfy while you are pregnant and are often easier to fit into than shirts and pants. They are also extremely versatile, as they are very easy to dress up and down with the addition of an over-the-belly belt, cardigan, blazer, scarf, or some good old accessories. Pick your greatest pregnancy asset — whether that’s your legs, your jubblies, or your arms — then choose a dress that showcases just that.

Considering a maternity wardrobe is often more limited than your usual wardrobe, look for tops and sweaters that have a little extra detail on them that allows you to wear them both during the day and at night. This versatility will come in handy. I love to look for the addition of stripes, color, embellishment, interesting necklines, or knitting patterns. A special detail takes a basic and makes it shine.

When all else fails, throw on some wedges (in a bigger size if your feet have grown!) and give yourself a little boost. Heels (even I will admit) can be uncomfortable, especially while pregnant. So to give yourself a little glamorous pick-me up, and a little more stability, stick to wedges. You’ll find they propel any outfit, even leggings, into a whole new category of chic.

Rosie also shares a few mommy-to-be fashion Dos and Don’ts:

Don’t be afraid of color, bold prints, nautical stripes, and belts that can be worn over the bump.

Do be afraid of too many polka dots, bows in funny places, and tiny florals. You will look like you’re wearing an apron.

Do try and have fun with your maternity wardrobe. Good maternity lines keep up with the trends, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow suit.

Don’t get bogged down in the whole “it’s only nine months” mentality! It’s not just nine months unless you are planning on squeezing back into all of your old clothes the moment you take off that hospital gown. Plus, if you are planning on having more than one child, those months certainly add up!

-- Ryan Patterson

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