Gossip Of The Week: Inside Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Drama

This week’s celebrity gossip roundup examines the mayhem of the Alec Baldwin stalker trial in NYC…

The Alec Baldwin stalker trial in New York this week was like a Christmas stocking full of gift cards and none of them from the dollar store.

The star of the trial was Alec’s obsessed alleged ex- lover Genevieve Sabourin. The Daily News and the New York Post got into a wonderful headline battle on Thursday, after her in-court rant (“You’re a liar!”) at Alec on the witness stand. She was invited by the judge to spend a month at posh Rikers Island (according to her attorney) after repeatedly shouting and not being on her best behavior in the courtroom. The Post scored with “30 Lock” but I happen to like “Kiss ‘N Cell” from the Daily News slightly better.

WATCH: Inside Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Trial (Nov. 14)

Regardless, gossip-inclined writers and editors and Alec Baldwin-haters were ecstatic over every development. Celebrity TV producers couldn’t believe our luck — this is happening in Sweeps!

The beauty of this is that it played out, virtually every juicy detail, in a courtroom in Manhattan. The District Attorney had filed stalking charges against Sabourin, a 41 year old French-Canadian who had dreams of being an actress. The one fact everybody agrees on is she first met Baldwin in Canada. She was a publicist on the 2002 Eddie Murphy movie “The Adventures of Pluto Nash,” in which Baldwin was doing a one-day cameo. She wanted to meet a star, so the producer of the movie, Martin Bregman, saw no harm in arranging a dinner for the three of them. Bregman is now a “former friend” of Baldwin. How he came to be “former” is pretty entertaining too. Anyway, Bregman told us he’s not positive of what happened after the dinner but Bregman thinks either Sabourin or Baldwin “may have” told him that they had a sexual relationship but “I don’t keep score,” says Bregman. For the record, Baldwin denied such claims.

WATCH: Inside Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Trial (Nov. 13)

Flash forward and Baldwin moved on from Sabourin, met his current wife Hilaria, got married and fathered a baby, allegedly leaving Sabourin on the ash heap of ex-lovers. Maybe Baldwin didn’t see or didn’t pay attention to “Fatal Attraction” or he would have had some clue about what might happen next. According to the charges filed against her, Genevieve Sabourin (isn’t that just the perfect name for a spurned lover?) started showing up; at his apartment, at his house in the Hamptons. And worse; on his computer. Again, kind of like “Fatal Attraction,” minus the kitchen knife and the boiled rabbit.

It was the e-mails that made the trial really stand up and sing. Plus, they weren’t leaked by some nameless source but were instead released by the New York DA. The messages (and there were a lot) range in tone from loving to angry to sexually loaded. For example:

“Accept my proposal and I will take you strait (sic) to heaven/There is (sic) many things I would do to you now in order to give you all kinds of delightful pleasure/ French are the best lovers in the world and I master my art/ Let me take you to nirvana.. now and forever.”

Other messages are mood-swingy, bouncing back and forth from demanding to delusional to threatening and back again.

“ I will be there (at Gala) … do you want this to happen in a non-control place and time at any given moment… like a bad surprise, in front of so many people???”

WATCH: Inside Alec Baldwin’s Stalker Trial (Nov. 12)


“…I will straiten (sic) your a** out…”

For dramatic writing, I give Sabourin a B+ but her spelling is atrocious.

Anyway, the highlight of the week was Tuesday when Baldwin was called to testify about the threats made by Sabourin against he and his family. No doubt a lot of right-leaning pundits were giddy watching Baldwin’s reputation take a beating from the actor himself. Baldwin tried to stay with his main talking point: she was a threat to me and my family. And we never had a relationship.

Anybody would have been, frankly, a little spooked, by this woman’s obsession. As to whether there was a relationship, that’s up to gossip lovers to decide for themselves. But Sabourin, besides screaming “You’re a liar” in a crowded courtroom, claimed to know a lot about Baldwin, including the location of an alleged defining feature on his hip.

In the middle of all this was an unlikely figure, the aforementioned movie producer Martin Bregman (“Scarface,” “Dog Day Afternoon,” “Carlito’s Way”). Seems that (after the introduction), Bregman claims that Baldwin went around spreading gossip that Bregman himself had maintained a decade-long relationship with Sabourin. Bregman, age 87, scoffed at that notion when we spoke with him by phone and could not understand Baldwin’s sudden animosity.

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“Alec threw me under the bus. For what reason, I don’t know. Alec has no reason to be upset with me. Why would he make an enemy? It’s the height of disrespect,” Bregman told Access.

Bregman says he realized he and Baldwin had a problem when he wasn’t invited to the wedding with Hilaria. When Bregman’s wife asked why he was not invited he told her, “I think it has something to do with that Sabourin girl.”

In my opinion, it sounds like Baldwin needed someone to blame for his meeting Sabourin in the first place.

So does Bregman think Sabourin is mentally and emotionally stable?

“Is she stable? Look at what she’s done, look at what he’s done. They are two crazy people,” he added.

The really great gossip still to come out of all this is how Alec Baldwin explained all this to his wife.

-- George Larrimore

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