‘Hairspray’s’ Amanda Bynes: A Young Starlet Staying Out Of Trouble

NEW YORK, NY (August 9, 2007) – Amanda Bynes’ career got a big boost with the huge box office hit “Hairspray,” but don’t expect her to become a Hollywood bad girl. Paris, Britney and Lindsay she is not.

“How do you not fall into the traps that the other girls your age are getting into,” Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos asked Amanda.

“At the end of the day, I like being with my family and friends and I don’t need to be out at the clubs that all the other actors and actress are out,” she replied.

At 21-years old, Amanda Bynes has her head on straight and her goals in sight: acting, designing clothes and staying out of trouble.

“It’s sort of your genes and the people you surround yourself with,” Amanda explained. “If you’re hanging out with partying people or your parents don’t care, then it’s going to be harder. For me, I’m really close with my parents.”

Amanda’s suggestion for fallen star Lindsay Lohan? Move into the Bynes household for some good old reprimanding.

“What do you think would happen if she moved in with your parents,” Maria asked.

“I don’t know what would happen, but it would be fun,” Amanda replied. “It would be some kind of reality show.”

“We’re your parents strict,” Maria asked.

“My parents were strict,” Amanda confirmed.

It was with her parent’s support that she started her own clothing line Dear, sold at Steve and Barry’s stores. All pieces are under $20.

“How are you keeping up with trends or getting any other inspirations from other designers,” Maria asked.

“It’s so weird hearing you say design ‘cause that hasn’t hit me. I’m not trying to be a couture designer here. I’m trying to design things I would like to wear,” she said.

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