Halle Berry Reveals ‘Frankie & Alice’ Stripper Research: ‘You Just Take Your Clothes Off!’

For her new role in the psychological drama, “Frankie & Alice,” Halle Berry put in extensive time preparing to play the part of a woman suffering from multiple personality disorder.

When it came time to prepare for the stripper character in the film – not so much.

“[There’s] not much research to play a stripper – you just kind of take your clothes off!” Halle laughed with Access Hollywood on Tuesday night at the premiere of the film. “It’s kinda easy!”

All jokes aside, “Frankie & Alice” became a project very close to the Oscar winner’s heart, as she not only stars in the film, but worked behind the scenes in a producer capacity as well.

“It’s a story I care a lot about,” Halle told Access. “When I first heard about it, I was fascinated. I got ignited to be a part of it. As an actor, it’s fun to play three really different characters all in one. I’m always trying to challenge myself and push and grow and this allows me the chance to do that — as a producer and an actress.”

The film, co-starring Stellan Skarsgard and Chandra Wilson, chronicles the life of a young woman who is struggling with multiple personality disorder and is torn between who she is and a racist alter-personality that preys on her mind.

“I read lots of books – thick medical dense books that took me awhile to get through,” Halle said of her preparation to take on the role of someone with multiple personality disorder. “I watched tape of real people who suffer with multiple personality disorder and then I just talked to the real people.”

While she is proud of the film, she wasn’t ready to buy in to an early Oscar buzz surrounding the project.

“Ahh, poo poo – that’s what I say [to the Oscar buzz],” she added. “I feel fantastic tonight because just six weeks ago, I wasn’t sure this movie was going to see the light of day – and tonight, I’m at the premiere. So, that’s my cherry on top right now.”

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