Halloween Kids - The Hottest Costumes!

Access Hollywood style gurus searched high and low for the hottest Halloween costumes of the year, and here are the results:

The absolute cuteness assault is the poof costumes, which are a merge between a tutu-type outfit and a given theme.

Tutu plus Dalmatian = dalmatianpoof.

Tutu plus chicken = chickenpoof.

The poof costumes are perfect for little girls from 6 months to 8 years and they cost around $50.

If you own a home in Malibu, California, perhaps you may open the door and find Maddox Jolie Pitt dressed as either Superman or Batman! And the boy could surely flex his muscles in one of these super-outfits!

It may not come as a total surprise but the #1 movie of the year spun off the #1 costume of the year: the Captain Jack Sparrow look! (And his nemesis Davey Jones).

Tinker Bell is actually the girls? most popular costume at the Disney Store. A lot of girls like to dress up as fairies, regardless of the occasion or holiday.

And her buddy Peter Pan…

is always a favorite as well.

Along with these classics?

Cinderella… ….one of the most expensive costumes at the Disney store since it?s modeled after the classic 1950?s film.

Jasmine Princess.

And there?s no such thing as a little girl who doesn?t love Barbie…

in this case Bride Barbie!

And for the little tiny ones, Winnie The Pooh is an easy thing to do ? stick the baby in the honey pot and place the lid on his head. Or the cutest little outfit ever created ? the Minnie Mouse polka dot extravaganza!

Trick or treat!

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